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“Why I Didn’t Want Male As First Child” – Pastor Yemi Davids Talks Marriage, Fatherhood & More

I Didn’t Want A Male Child As First Born, Pastor Yemi Davids

Why I Didn’t Want A Male Child As Firstborn – Pastor Yemi Davids

Founding and senior pastor of Global Impact, pastor Yemi Davids in a recent interview, revealed he didn’t want to have a male as his first child.

The clergyman who was asked about his opinions and suggestions on fatherhood said;

Fatherhood is sacred because a father is a begetter, a starter. It’s an English word and it means one who begets something.

“I believe the way fathers go is the way society goes because every human being you meet comes from a family. Nobody dropped from the sky. The way a person or people are groomed determines what happens in society.

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“The place of fathers in society is what determines the way society goes. So, if fatherhood in a generation is missing, you will see it in the next generation.”

Pastor Yemi also addressed the issue catering for a child at an early age said;

I got married in my 20s, my late 20s. So, yes, compared to what is obtainable now, that’s early. For me, it was early, and thankfully, my dad was a school teacher.

“So, some areas that I picked up from him really helped me. Things like discipline and contentment were major ones I picked from him. My dad does not allow one to touch or take that which is not theirs.

“The caning or discipline a child got from doing that was worse than taking the thing, so, one just remained content with what was theirs and that helped me even as a pastor today.”

Speaking in the interview, the clergyman said;

“Most firstborns go through problems compared to their other siblings.

“A lot of firstborns, first sons and daughters, go through the experimentation of their parents and it’s not easy on them. They (parents) experiment with parenting the child so most of their mistakes fall on the child.”

While speaking on the relationship he has with his children, Yemi Davids says he encourages a robust mixture, telling them what they cannot do and also being a friend to them.

”I feel it’s a robust mixture but looking at my upbringing, some people are not friends with their children and I encourage friendship because when you are friends, they can open up to you and trust you to a level, and that helps them to grow their own lives.”

When asked if he was particular about the sex of his first child, he said;

Believe me, from what I mentioned about firstborns, I didn’t want to have a firstborn son.

“Based all the experiments most couples go through. It’s like getting a new job, you learn in the first year and when you have mastered the job, you do better.

“I thought if it were a son, it would not be good for that child because he will grow up to start his own family. I’m not saying that firstborn sons are bad, but I’m saying that I’ll love it if parents can learn on time because when couples get married, they are still going to settle down to learn about each other and in the process, a child shows up.

“The process of bonding together is not easy and sometimes, it’s brought on by that child. So, I probably didn’t want to have a firstborn son because it’s not easy.

“And I had a daughter and it didn’t stop there. God went ahead to give us four daughters.”

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