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Upclose: What Limoblaze Is Not Telling You About Collaborations With Da’ Truth, Travis Green & Lecrae!


Upclose: Limoblaze, Da Truth and Travis Greene – The Whole Story behind the collaborations!

When you think of new school Christian Hip Hop music, Limoblaze is the name that readily comes to mind!

Born Samuel Onwubiko, the singer, rapper, producer, mix and mastering engineer whose educational background is a long shot from Arts has lit a touch for Christian Hip Hop in Nigeria and the flame is brightly burning! Limoblaze has got few hallways of Nigerian Gospel music to light before passing this touch!

In a Mindustry that has in recent times been quite hostile to Afrobeats and Hip Hop, hope is renewed for these genres as Limoblaze lights the way up to worldwide recognition. Having caught the attention of American Christian rappers Da’ Truth and Lecrae, Limoblaze has announced various international collaborative efforts. In this exclusive chat with SelahAfrik‘s Alex Amos, you get a front row seat to the inside scoop.

Christian Hip Hop Limoblaze, da truth and travis greene

SelahAfrik: Can you try to create a distinction between Limoblaze and Samuel?

Limoblaze: I can’t really separate Samuel from Limoblaze. I enjoy making music to glorify God. I am a trained Biochemist, though not practising. My second degree is in business management. That’s who Limoblaze basically is. I love making music to glorify God.

SelahAfrik: We know you produce music as well, did you produce all your works?

Limoblaze: I used to produce all my songs but I have gotten really busy now that I don’t have enough time to do the production work of all my songs. To make the work easy, I have a number of producers who I trust. They work with me to make my works prime and proper.

SelahAfrik: Most of your recent works have been in the Afrobeat genre, who does the production?

Limoblaze: I produced some but I worked with other producers such as Tbabz, Craybeats, Tronome and Jay Classic. I produced “Life is Easy,” “My Story” and I co-produced some others.

SelahAfrik: Tell us about your journey from Markurdi to Lagos

Limoblaze: I was born and brought up in Markurdi. Lived most of my life there and started making music there. Immediately after school I moved to Lagos having done a lot of thinking and praying about it. I had planned to do that all along so I just knew that was the next thing. I didn’t really know anyone when I moved to Lagos so I had to stay at someone’s apartment for a while. It was really crazy for me at first because I got disappointed by lots of people who had calmed my nerves and I believe these things happen so that no one will be able to take the glory when the story changes. Eventually, everything panned out and we are here today.

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SelahAfrik: Between Markurdi & Lagos which do you prefer?

Limoblaze: They are entirely 2 different lives but for someone who is in the position that I am, Lagos is more beneficial to my journey.

SelahAfrik: How true are the rumours that there is a Limoblaze Da Truth & Travis Greene collaboration coming?

Limoblaze: So I and Da Truth have a joint album coming out pretty soon. Most likely August or September. There is a song on the album with myself, Da Truth and Travis Greene.

SelahAfrik: We have also seen that your music caught the attention of Lecrae, is there a chance of a collaboration in that direction too?

Limoblaze: There is already a collaboration in that direction which is going to be out by next week. I got featured on Reach Records Playlist album. Reach Records has this collection called “Summer Playlist” which is released annually. I got featured on the 2020 edition alongside Andy Mineo, others and it should be announced shortly.

SelahAfrik: You recently experimented with Afrobeat music, how would you compare the reception to your regular Hip Hop and Rap music judging by the preference of your audience in this geographical space?

Limoblaze: I don’t like to compare them… and it isn’t like I don’t still rap but I am pushing for something so I may not put out as much rap songs at the moment. And the sooner I achieve that aim, the sooner I get back to making rap songs and projects. The experimentation is a thing of growth in my journey and that’s where I am right now. I am trying to push towards an aim and as soon as that is achieved, you will get more Rap music from me.

SelahAfrik: You appear to be a fun person, yet a workaholic. How do you juggle both?

Limoblaze: I am really much of an indoor person, I love to watch movies a lot too. I kind of fuse my work and fun life though. I am the type of person that wakes up at 3am to record a song and basically cheering my self on and laughing. That to me is fun. Last week I was up at 3am making a song with Da Truth and Travis Greene and basically just having fun. That is my idea of fun.

Watch “Blow My Mind” By Limoblaze below:


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