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Upclose: Many Sides Of Bee Cee Moh Unveiled! The Wife, Music Minister & Great Cook Preps For New Album & Concert

Bee Cee Moh

As Bee Cee Moh prepares for iTAGG album and concert, she sits with SelahAfrik‘s Alex Amos for a chat about the album, the concert and much more!

Blessing Chidinma Momoh (Bee Cee ‘Moh) is a gospel recording artist and digital marketer. A sister to one of Africa’s foremost Gospel singer, Pat Uwaje-King, but Bee Cee Moh is not sitting under that light. She is of the opinion that all who are called are clay in the hands of God, the potter who play their part differently but towards one goal.

She is taking more giant strides this year having delivered spirit-filled singles such as “Daalu”, “Ayo” and “Wo Mi to debut her body of work titled “I Talk About God’s Goodness (iTAGG)” with a concert coming up this September. The concert will feature Gospel music ministers including Gbenga Oke, Lawrence & DeCovenant, Doris Dumah, Pat Uwaje-King, amongst others.

In this chat, she lets us in on the scoop about the album and forthcoming concert. She also spoke on the balance between ministry and marriage and oh… Bee Cee Moh is a great cook! Who knew?

SelahAfrik: Being a Sister to one of the most recognized gospel music singer in Africa, Pat Uwaje-King. How does it feel keeping up with the yardstick she has set?

Bee Cee Moh: Pat Uwaje-King, my big sister and everyday inspiration in ministry, I love and admire what she has done and what she is still doing in the Gospel music industry but I am moving at my pace and trusting God to take me up to greater heights. There is no pressure, I am also learning from her as I shape my path too. Ultimately, we are all clay in the hands of our God, the Potter.

SelahAfrik: Since the release of “Daalu,” you’ve given us 2 other singles namely “Ayo” and “Wo Mi,” will it be safe to say your music is in the contemporary praise and worship sub-genre of gospel music or, does the album reveal something else?

Bee Cee Moh: I would say, wait for the album, get a copy and listen. You will be amazed (smiles).

SelahAfrik: Tell us about the album

Bee Cee Moh: The album is titled iTAGG meaning I Talk About God’s Goodness, It’s a 10 track LP that carries the message of hope, peace and the goodness of God, delivered in different Sub-genres of Gospel music. The album has a song for everyone.

SelahAfrik: You have the likes of Pat Uwaje King, Doris Dumah, Gbenga Oke, Lawrence and DeCovenant headlining the forth coming concert. Did you feature any of them
on the album too? Tell us about who you worked with on the album…
Producers too

Bee Cee Moh: On my debut album, the iTAGG album, I did not feature anybody, It’s a Bee Cee Moh something (laughs). I worked with 6 producers and would say I am happy and very appreciative of their inputs on the project. Jopee based in Kenya produced “Wo Mi” and it was fun, Kay-Piano Tryz produced “Ayo”, “God has no Equal” and “Tomorrow… Too Late.” He was always willing and ready to cut, add, re-take and re-play until we achieved what we wanted. His patience was great. Dara Magic, the calm but very intelligent producer produced “Who Am I” and “Faithful,” and I would say it was great working with him. Mr. Soul produced “Soke Soke” and like my husband would say, the song is a hit! Oh! Mr. Mow (Oba-Nla) and Eljamin (Daalu and Immanuel) complete the list of producers and they were equally awesome.

SelahAfrik: What should we expect from the album and concert?

Bee Cee Moh: The album contains soul lifting songs that will sure move you into another realm of worship, and for the concert, we want to give God the highest praise because we know that when praises go up, his blessings come down.

SelahAfrik: What is the gospel of Bee Cee Moh… Your predominant message in this album?

Bee Cee Moh: The predominant message in this album is that of hope for the troubled
and thanksgiving for God’s goodness.

SelahAfrik: How has it being combining ministry with being a wife and a Mum?

Bee Cee Moh: Truthfully it’s been tasking but I must say my family has given me the needed support and they have been there to cover for me when I have had to go out for programmes, rehearsals and so on. My husband has also been very wonderful.

SelahAfrik: What would you call the high point of your Ministry yet?

Bee Cee Moh: Thus far, the high point of my music ministry was the first time I ministered with my team in my home church, the Power in the Word Ministry as Bee Cee Moh and not Mrs. Momoh. The reception and reaction afterwards was awesome.

SelahAfrik: What’s your take on Women in Music Ministry and Fashion?

Bee Cee Moh: If God has called you as a woman into the music ministry, you have to obey that call and take up the mantle. Music is a tool to bring God’s hand into action. Hence, women should be modest in their dressing and appearance. As female music ministers we all should see ourselves
as role models to millions of people watching.

SelahAfrik: Describe Bee Cee Moh in a sentence?

Bee Cee Moh: Bee Cee Moh is a wife, mother, gospel minister and a wonderful cook! (laughs).

SelahAfrik: Following the album, should we expect a video for other songs already making wave?

Bee Cee Moh: The video for “Daalu” is out already and can be watched on my YouTube Channel, plans to also get some more videos out is still in the pipe works.

SelahAfrik: Any other thing you would like to say?

Bee Cee Moh: I appreciate everyone for the love, encouragements and support they have shown me. Please lets continue to support Gospel Music.

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