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Research Proves Jesus Christ Is The Most Significant Person In History

Research proves Jesus

jesus-christ-statueResearch Proves Jesus Christ Is The Most Significant Person In History

According to an internet research, the Lord Jesus Christ has been discovered to be the most famous person in the world!

In their book, Who’s Bigger? Where Historical Figures Really Rank (Cambridge University Press, 2013), Steven Skiena and Charles Ward devised an internet-based ranking system to measure meme strength and compare historical reputations.

The research was carried out to see how famous Historical figures have remained after their death compared with those still living, Jesus Christ topped the list where such figures as playwright William Shakespeare, philosopher Aristotle, Macedonian King Alexander the Great, Napoleon and Mohammed were placed under consideration. Notably, there are no female historical figures in the top ten.

The authors say their internet-based metrics ranking system analyses the English version of Wikipedia “and other data sources” to list historical figures “just as Google ranks web pages”, estimating their fame and the size of their following. From this, the book identifies the most significant people.

Mr Skiena, a professor of computer science at Stony Brook University, New York, said each historical figure was ranked by “aggregating the traces of millions of opinions in a rigorous and principled manner”.

However, the database does not directly factor in social media sites, such as Twitter or Facebook, when deciding on the significant person’s ranking. Mr Skiena said while their analysis did not explicitly incorporate social networks, “the same forces which contribute to popularity on Twitter or Facebook are reflected by page hits and edits on Wikipedia pages”.

While there was no woman in the top 10, Queen Elizabeth 1 ranked 13 and Victoria ranked 16, making them the most famous women, according to the internet research.

The significance of Jesus is shown by his mindshare today fully 2,000 years after his death. Based on meme strength, and how successfully the idea of the person has proliferated, Jesus was found to be ‘the most significant person ever’.


Source: Independent.co.uk

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