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How Gloria Noren Caught The Vision Of “Your Kingdom Come” – Listen To Snippet

Gloria Noren

Gloria NorenBeyond the lyrics of the song, Gospel music minister Gloria Noren is envisioning!

Passionate about the Kingdom lifestyle, she sees man living in the full knowledge of the glory of God and has positioned herself as one of the Glory station disseminating the knowledge of the Glory  till it covers the whole earth. Gloria believes that every man can come to this knowledge and as we genuinely seek the kingdom, God turns our heart away from selfishness and we are able to place the focus on Him who is able to do exceedingly, abundantly above all we can ask or think.

It is for this believe that Gloria Noren has prepared a compilation CD from which she is set to drop “Your Kingdom Come”, a passionate supplication, emphasizing the need of essence of God.

Jazzy and Soulful with a resonating baseline and passionate vocals, the horns almost replicating the passion expressed on the vocals, Gloria stresses the tone of the song which is a ‘cry’ for the birthing of the Kingdom in the midst of the nation, not that the Kingdom isn’t here but that God will help His people realize it.

A Music Minister with a deep passion and love for Jesus, Gloria is the coordinator of Gloria Noren Music Ministry and Worship Culture Band, a ministry that is committed to adding value to humanity. Through her music, she draws the hearts of men and women to respond to God’s love in worship. She has featured at several government, corporate and private functions and a host of numerous charity concerts amongst many others both locally and internationally. She has also trained Church choirs in the area of worship with her teachings taken directly from the Word of God.

Hailing from the culturally rich town of Benin City, Nigeria, Gloria is a graduate of Business Administration from the University of Benin and she is also a social crusader who believes in social justice for the common man. She is an advocate of good governance and at such, inspires teenagers and youth for leadership, teaching them moral ethics and personal development.

Gloria has three CDs under her belt, ’King of Kings’, ‘Woman’ her new effort entitled ‘Your Kingdom Come’ from where she is releasing the new single with the same title. The proceeds from the new CD will be given to children living with diabetes in Africa.

Produced by award winning producer and UN Peace Ambassador, Wole Oni, “Your Kingdom Come” is set for release on the 7th of July. This is one single to anticipate anxiously… it’s more than a song, it’s an epiphany!

Listen to the snippet below:



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