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Bookshelf: Legendary Gospel Reggae Artiste Buchi Debuts Book ‘My Weed & I’ As He Decries Substance Abuse

My Weed And I

My Weed and I authored by Buchi, is a story about the search for joy. It talks about the deceptiveness of the ‘high’ of weed and the true joy that is truly indescribable.

Buchi, is a Nigerian song-writer, author, reggae gospel artist and also a passionate writer.

In his latest book My Weed and I, it talks about the Holy Spirt, a joy that makes you positively speechless yet your mouth is full of pleasant words.

It reveals the joy that comes in sweetly and remains permanently within you; joy that defies danger and adversity; joy that laughs at depression. 

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Speaking on the inspiration behind the book, he said, “I am first a writer before a singer. The question I have been asking myself is, ‘why didn’t I write this book much earlier than now’? Even though I realise that people have erroneously seen reggae music as intrinsically connected to weed, I did not write this book to address that impression.

“I wrote the book to address the issue of substance abuse; a menace that is silently but assuredly ravaging the youth.”

According to Buchi, he added that the experiences and views shared in the book are his. “I have presented a story; a parable for the reader to enjoy and make up their minds on the issue of weed, vis-a-vis commonly asked questions, such as whether it is morally, medically and Biblically wrong to smoke it. It is not my style to be didactic. However, a reader is unlikely to be double minded about where I stand on those questions after reading the book.”

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