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"I Know This Will Last A Short Time" – Pope Francis Speaks On Retiring Early


pope-francis-1Pope Francis may have jokingly stated that he only has “two or three years” to live before he goes to the “Father’s House.”

The Pope has spoken publicly that he may retire early stating that he knows he has a short time before he is off to the father’s house.

Pope Francis, 77, made the claims during a press conference on his return flight from a hectic, five-day visit to South Korea.

When asked how he was coping with his huge popularity, the Pontiff replied: “I try to think of my sins, my mistakes, so as not to think that I am somebody. Because I know this will last a short time, two or three years, and then to the house of the Father.”

He then made a chopping gesture with his hand and whistling noise.

If the Pope is proved right, it would bring the curtain down on a revolutionary papacy during which he has already shaken up – over the course of months since his election last year – Vatican institutions which have remained unchanged for centuries.



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