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Scholars Uncover Stone Slab Of Over 2,900 Years Containing King David’s Name

Scholars Uncover Stone Slab

Scholars Uncover Stone Slab Containing King David’s Name

According to scholars, a 2,900 stone slab was uncovered containing the name of King David.

The scholars who uncover the stone slab also noted that it contains his support of him being an actual historical figure according to the scholars.

An examination took place for the purpose of the research which was the Mesha Stele or Moabite Stone, which was discovered in 1868 before being damaged in 1869.

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The slab chronicled the victory of king Mesha of Moab, referenced the event when Moab went to war against the children of Israel and Judah. It was also dated to the ninth century B.C.

Two Scholars known as André Lemaire and Jean-Philippe Delorme, wrote in the Winter 2022 edition confirmed that Mesha Stele references the “House of David.”

In 2015, a team from the West Semitic Research Project of the University of Southern California took new digital photographs of both the restored stela and the paper squeeze,” they wrote.

“The team used a method called Reflectance Transformation Imaging (RTI), in which numerous digital images are taken of an artifact from different angles and then combined to create a precise, three-dimensional digital rendering of the piece.

“This method is especially valuable because the digital rendering allows researchers to control the lighting of an inscribed artifact so that hidden, faint, or worn incisions become visible.

In 2018, the Louvre Museum also took new, high-resolution backlit pictures of the squeeze, where the light was projected directly through the 150-year-old paper to provide a clearer view of the ancient letters it records,” they wrote.

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