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“The Chosen” Set To Be Translated Into 600 Languages As Season 3 Hits Streaming Platforms

The Chosen Movie Set To Be Translated Into 600 Languages

The Chosen Movie Set To Be Translated Into 600 Languages 

Angel Studios has released the 3rd installment of its original television drama based on the life of Jesus Christ and is now available worldwide for streaming beginning with Episode 1 on Dec. 11.

The Chosen Movie, the largest crowd-funded media project in history, has become a global phenomenon.

The movie, is set to be translated into 600 languages to extend its worldwide outreach, under new partnership.

The new partnership beCome and See Foundation are working together on the project to increase the movie’s language into 100 and subtitling to over 500.

The new partnership, also made the series available for free on a new app owned by them. While the app will have an additional content, such as “Bible Roundtables.”

This new partnership with Come and See supercharges our efforts,” said Dallas Jenkins, director of ‘The Chosen’. “We’re able to produce episodes bigger and faster, get them translated into more languages, and market the show on a scale previously impossible.”

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While the first season has been translated into 12 languages, and 62 subtitles, the supporters said; “it is essential for it to reach the goal of having 1 billion people watch it.”

The Chosen is such a dynamic and powerful story,” said Stan Jantz, CEO of the Come and See Foundation. “With the formation of the Come and See Foundation, our plan is to take The Chosen around the world, reaching much of the World’s population, so they are able to experience Jesus in their native tongue.”

Matt Green who is a member of the board said;

I literally wept and wept” after watching The Chosen for the first time, and i said wow, what if we could come alongside The Chosen and get them into more languages?

Because about 95 percent of the world speaks the 600 languages that are the target for translations.”

The Come and See Foundation website which labelled The Chosen series has a  gospel movement said;

With your help, we can bring the story of Jesus to the ends of the Earth.”

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Jonathan Roumie, the actor who plays Jesus in the series, told CBN News at the theatrical premiere of Episodes 1 & 2 in Atlanta, Georgia last month, “It’s been a beautiful opportunity for me. Season 3, for me, is probably the proudest season for me as an actor.”

He said the upcoming season starts getting into some “meaty moments” in Jesus’s life on screen. “You know, moments I never thought I’d get to depict. And I think it’s only going to go deeper.”

Watch Trailer Below:

The Chosen Movie Set To Be Translated Into 600 Languages 

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