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Social Media Influencer Oli London De-Transitions After Converting To Christianity

Oli London Detransitioned After Converting To Christianity

Read Oli London Detransitions After Converting To Christianity

Popular social media influencer, Oli London has undergone a radical surgery to be detransitioned after he surrendered his life to Jesus.

According to CBN News, the social media influencer underwent 32 plastic surgeries to make him look like a Korean woman despite being born a white man.

Oli London who was on his way to undergo gender reassignment surgery and to receive breast implants, said he was convicted by God.

“I was going to church, and I was thinking, ‘Why am I doing this? What’s the reason behind this?’ God made me the way I am, and I shouldn’t be chasing this, it’s not right,” he said.

I was just experiencing gender dysphoria, and I would have ruined my life and been super unhappy,” he continued.

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He said having read the Bible and taking out time to study, it contributed to his de-transition.

I actually started going to church three months ago, and I go several times a week now,” London explained. “I’ve been reading the Bible, I’ve been learning online, and watching YouTube videos about the teaching of Jesus, and that has really helped me in my detransition. It made me realize that God made me the way He did (and) I should just stick with who I am, be who I am, and just find happiness.”

London further detailed his detransition in a YouTube video titled “Explaining My Detransition

He said:

I almost feel like the trans lobby has become a cult,” the social influencer said. “I left the trans community, and suddenly they attacked me. They try to dehumanize me. They call me names online, they compare me to some very horrible people. I saw one tweet comparing me to Hitler, but you know I just ignore that, and I don’t pay attention to the hate.”

London says he will use his platform to speak out on the harmful effects that transgender treatments have on minors.

I just want to speak up because there are a lot of people out there who are confused about who they are,” he said. “I just want people to be the way they are born, the way that God intended.

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