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Tim Godfrey’s Trendy New Hairstyle Has Got People Talking!


The new Tim Godfrey hairstyle has caused a stir on Instagram!

Fans call out gospel artiste, Tim Godfrey for changing his hair colour

“Nara” Singer Tim Godfrey is spotting a trendy new hair style but not many seem to be loving it!

Tim Godfrey spots a high top Afro fade with gold tinted curls. He posted the new look on Instagram and asked:

‘what do y’ll think about my new look?’

The new look didn’t sit well with many of his followers who haired aired out their mind.

An Instagram user with the handle @duppy1kitchen said:

“Please take a look at the pictures you took before the tint & tell me what you see. I see a natural good looking man, I personally don’t think you should change it for artificial. It’s okay to have your own trend. Always remember where God brought you from and where He’s taking you to. This stage is not your final destination. When I listened to your testimony, if I’m correct you said 2 years ago you attended the house on the rock church as a nobody, hey God advertised you in His own time without your tinted hair & He will continue to advertise you regardless whether the devil likes it or not but don’t be carried away by fame. Advertise God who knew you before you were formed. I pray that you will fulfil your destiny in Jesus name. Amen🙏🏿. Stay focused 👍”

Another user @donfingers said:

“@timgodfreyworld I have no problem with the new looks or the dye on your hair its cool but remember what Apostle Paul said 1st Corinthians 8:13So, never go to these idol-tainted meals if there’s any chance it will trip up one of your brothers or sisters.”

@zibahjennyzion said:

“Why you go even think am in the first place. Pls Gospel Role models let us know where you stand. This is Africa not to even talk of the church. Stop confusing d thunder show us where you stand.”

@ebube_onyejiaka said:

“don’t like the gold dye on Ur head…. There is no difference between you and the unbelievers.. Sorry to say but when I saw it I was ashamed”

Why some are of the opinion that Tim Godfrey’s hairstyle gives a wrong impression of what he stands for, others are of different opinion.

@circlemz_witmann said:

“It’s always Culture over Scripture and Customs over Reasons. I believe in Motives…(Remember, He searches the heart always, the deep things therein)”

@teevick_ said:

“Many people have the wrong idea about righteousness. They assume that being righteous means doing right things. For some it means wearing long dresses or coats and ties or never smiling or having any fun or having a fashion sense. They proclaim all sort of diluted message. That’s not righteousness. Righteousness has more to do with the condition of life as opposed to RELIGIOUS actions. Many people get it backwards believing or assuming that acting right makes them righteous. Righteousness is being in a right standing with God, obtaining the position Adam lost In the garden of Eden, returning and staying in a position were you could reach the holy spirit to God. You look amazing @timgodfreyworld I just hope I made light to anyone who believed other wise.”

Amidst all the criticism and support, Tim Godfrey has not directly responded to anyone but some posts on his Instagram seem to be pointing in the direction of a response.

Tim posted:

“Let nothing & no one distract you from Destiny ‘s Path! Keep your eyes and gaze on the prize! Silence every noise! #GodMan.”




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