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Rev. Yomi Kasali Condemns Comedy Mocking God & Pastors – Alibaba Responds!

Kasali Condemns Comedy

– Yomi Kasali condemns comedy mocking God & pastorsThe Senior Pastor of Foundation Of Truth Assembly, Lagos, Reverend Yomi Kasali, has condemned the act by comedians who make jokes ridiculing  pastors.

The man of God, in a video which he shared of himself preaching to a congregation was stern about his stance where comedy and the ministry is concerned and berated other pastors that allows it. He  said the day a Christian laughs at a comedian cracking a joke abusing God or men of God, then such a person is no longer a Christian.

Watch him speak below:

Following Rev. Kasali’s message,  Ace comedian, Alibaba who reacted to Pastor Kasali message agreed with the pastor that God should not be mocked. He also agreed that men of God should not be mocked, however, Alibaba said a man of God who has falling from fate has fallen into the comedians’ net!

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“I agree totally. No comedian should do any joke that mocks God. God can not be mocked. Jesus Christ, Prophet Mohammed (peace be upon his name) and the Holy Spirit are also in this exclusive no mock zone. After that, every one else is easy pick. Men of God and Men from God, also can be excluded from the mock zone. But any man of God who has become far from God, has fallen into our hands. Oh by the way… just as jokes are a tool in entertainment and criticism, they were tools back in the days. They are like parables. Jesus used a lot of those parables. If Jesus were in our clime and time, he would have used jokes as well. I hear jokes from @pauladefarasin @tonyrapu #jesseduplanti @Bishoptdjakes #BensonIdahosa @pastorituaighodalo @creflodollar #thePope #CardinalOkojie #PastorEAAdeboye #bishopKuka… these men of God can give any comedian a run for their money. They use humour to get their messages across. In fact, some of the best and cleanest jokes can be gleaned from the pulpit. Because those jokes can be told anywhere. HOWEVER, IF A MAN OF GOD DOESNT HAVE THE ANOINTING OF SENSE OF HUMOUR… IT WILL BE HARD FOR THAT TO BE HIS POINT OF STRENGTH. So, expectedly, he will not see the value in using it or seeing it used. Just as, a pastor who can’t sing may not apply songs to his teachings. Like I said @yomi_kasali has a point. Up to a point. That’s my point.”

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