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Upclose: How Gospel Music Singer Busola Oyedokun Defied Lupus & It’s Many Crises To Deliver First Single

Busola Oyedokun

– Gospel music singer Busola Oyedokun chats with Alex Amos on the secret behind her positive outlook while battling LupusIt’s challenging enough to go through the whole production process of getting a song out but when the artiste defies life threatening health challenges to put out a message through the channel of music, then one must admit that there must be some divine agenda behind such message.

This is the case for Gospel music artiste and music director Busola Oyedokun who recently released her debut single “Na You Baba” despite her battle with Lupus Nephritis. The mother of 3 in her late thirties said it took her 5 years to finalize work on the song due to many medical issues that sprung up during the process but her will was stronger than any challenge thrown at her.

Busola is full of life and spirit, save for few tell-tale signs, you can hardly tell what was going on with her health. Busola was quite engaging as Alex Amos of SelahAfrik chatted with her for close to 40 minutes. She revealed the details of how she overcame every obstacle to release the single “Na You Baba” and many more.


SelahAfrik: Who is Busola Oyedokun?

Busola: Busola Oyedokun is a wife, mother of three wonderful children, a song writer, a voice over and gospel artiste. She is also a personal assistant to the convener of YesLord Outreach. As a voice over artiste, she has worked with BBC, African Radio Drama and has done several radio jingles. She is the music director at Eagles Height Church choir. She studied English Literature during her tertiary education.

SelahAfrik: When did music happen for Busola Oyedokun?

Busola: Music has always been part of me. It’s my first love after God. We used to entertain the street as kids when the power goes out. It runs in the family. My father sings, my mother does too.

SelahAfrik: At what point did you make the decision to take your music further than the church pulpit?

Busola: I think it was in 2013 that I decided to break out of my box. Before then, I had received words from men of God who didn’t even know me. As I grew older – by reason of the things I went through – It dawned on me that this is my calling. I have worked in a bank, also in a construction company, I did my work well in these fields but it is music that gives me fulfillment.


SelahAfrik: Is your new single “Na You Baba” your debut?

Busola: Yes it is… I have written so many songs but this is my first official release.

SelahAfrik: Can you tell us the inspiration behind “Na You Baba” 

Busola: “Na You Baba” was first recorded in 2013. That was the year I was diagnosed with Lupus. The work was thereafter abandoned because Lupus came with lots of drama. Even my brother-in-law who took the work upon himself, traveled out and everyone somehow forgot all about the song. There had been several attempt at getting the song out but it just wasn’t working.

SelahAfrik: So how did you revive the work thereafter?

Busola: The guy I recorded the song with – Blaqjerzee – suddenly called me in 2017 saying he was going through his system and deleting old works when he came across my song in his archive. He said he would have deleted the song but felt there was something about the song that made him sure the it was not supposed to be on his system but out there. He got in touch with my brother-in-law and that was how we set the ball rolling again.

We worked on the song again but when it got to my turn to record my beat, I began to experience health challenges. It was when I was given the rudest shock of my life that I will have to go on dialysis. I lost all will at that point and then had to go through the process of counselling just to revamp myself. I finally felt up to recording sometime later, so work began again but as we were about to take my beat again, the heart issues began, so we had to suspend the work again.

SelahAfrik: So what was the turning point that brought the project to fruition despite all the health challenges?

Busola: I had done dialysis a day earlier when I decided that with or without the cannulas, I was going to hit the studio. I told my team ‘shebi they did not put it in my mouth?’ So, I went with the cannulas in my legs and recorded my part of the song. We were going to release the song in December but that was when I had another rude shock. I was told I will have to do a transplant, so we started sourcing for funds. Therefore, we could not release the song in December as I was in and out of the Hospital. We were vetting the work via the phone till March when I received the final work and we started working on getting it out. My pastor who was part of the story launched it on the 1st of April and also used it as a form of campaign for funds for my medical bills.

We had various issues with scammers while sourcing for funds for the medical bills so we folded up campaigns and concentrated on using my music as the source for funding. The launch was in my church and people responded well.

SelahAfrik: Would you agree that the producer and your brother in-law played a major role in bringing the vision to fruition, otherwise, you might not have been able to pull through with the project?

Busola: Everything was divine. I want to believe God used them. For the producer not to delete the project since 2013 till now was God. It wasn’t him operating. My brother-in-law was also out of the country for many years but he monitored the work till it came to fruition.

SelahAfrik: Despite all the motivation from the external, what did you think stirred you up the most to take the step? 

Busola: I had gotten to a point where I became James Bond. I had become a die-hard person. It is called Lupus Nephritis because it had become chronic to the point it had affected my kidneys but I pushed myself to do the things every other person going through this does not do. It didn’t just happened in a day though, I have a pastor who is always encouraging me. I also have a lot of positive vibes around me which formed part of my energy. Also my doctor has been so wonderful. So all these people come together to form a fortitude for me. Nonetheless, I still cannot leave out the hand of God. I believe He intentionally positioned these people around me to strengthen me. I know a lot of people in my shoes who have not been through half of what I have went through that have died. So to think that after all the blows I have received from Lupus, I am still standing, it’s amazing. I cannot take out God’s hands. I still go for prayer meetings and vigils when I can. Also I am very disciplined with my medication. If you see my kit, I am like a moving machine (laughs). My pastor says I have a strong determination to live. It’s all in the mind. If you believe that it will kill you, it will but if you believe otherwise, so will it be.

SelahAfrik: How fulfilled are you getting this song out?

Busola: I’m really happy. When I saw the complete work, I felt like someone who is having his first major achievement although I have done several things before.

SelahAfrik: Any upcoming project in the near future?

Busola: This is out now but I cannot afford to rest. I have a target that by December – before my 40th birthday, I must have a complete album, ready to launch. Also a book and a documentary. We are trying to work on a documentary concerning this Lupus issue. It’s titled “Shades of Lupus”. You will get to learn about my story and other people’s story as well.

SelahAfrik: Wow! despite the health challenge, you have the strength of 10 people, what is the secret? 

Busola: This thing (Lupus) and I are now checkmating each other. Like if I want to go to a party and enjoy myself, I know what to do and what not to do. also a lot of people inspire me. We have a number of celebrities that are living with lupus and inspires others with their life. Seal is one, Lady Gaga is another. Tony Braxton as well. My favourite of them all – although late now – is Michael Jackson. I can tell you, that is one person I look at and crave his energy. For someone leaving with that kind of disease and still achieved so much is simply amazing. With the Lupus, he wasn’t deterred from achieving his God-giving purpose. So when I look at him, I really don’t want to create any excuse for myself.

SelahAfrik: Any special shout-out? 

Busola: People leaving with lupus and the people taking care of them are going through the same thing. It takes someone with the mind of God to cope with a person living with the disease. I know people who their husbands has left them because of this disease. So I want to appreciate my husband Christopher Ifeoluwakunle Adigun Oyedokun, and my Pastor Mrs Yeside Stephen. Also my doctor -Professor Femi Adelowo. Thank you to everyone who has supported me one way or the other, everyone supporting and being blessed by “Na You Baba”.

Listen to “Na You Baba” by Busola Oyedokun below:





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