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#SelahView: Toluwanimee’s “Lord Today” – A Prescription For Audacious Faith!

Toluwanimee Lord Today

– Review: Toluwanimee LORD TODAY – A Prescription For Audacious Faith!

Toluwanimee‘s relationship with the Holy Ghost is very evident in her music. There are music ministers who write songs and there are those who receive songs, more often than not, Toluwanimee has received some great sounds from heaven.

From the day she announced the release of “Lord Today”, Toluwanimee raised curiosity adopting a not-so-common title. One common practice in the Mindustry is to find series of music ministers repeating the same title, it’s a breathe of fresh air to start 2018 with a new perspective to what the Spirit is saying.

Either it was intentional or spontaneous, announcing the release with a snippet also aided the receptiveness to “Lord Today”. Having announced an unusual titled, stirring up questions in the mind, a 4-bar snippet helped deplete the curiosity by pointing us to the answer… and guess what? It is essential!

Yes, the instrumentation and vocals on “Lord Today” is epic, so is the mixing – credits to the maestro Willz Ukaegbu – but the success of the release lies in the fact that the message is essential. Toluwanimee has never been more apt than these present times!

Soft drink and water are both liquid but one is leisure, the other is essential. Good music refreshes the mind but spirit-lifting song edifies the spirit. Elihu, the youngest of Job friend, made us know the essence of spirit lifting songs, especially when one is going through the ‘dark valleys’, when he said:

“No one asks ‘where is God my maker; who gives songs in the night’” –  Job 35:10

“Lord Today” is a necessary stirring. A prescription for audacious faith. It is a motivation to wake up and wait on God actively. It puts waiting on God in the right perspective, as opposed to a laid-back, passive waiting Christians normally confuse faith with.

She does this with elements of worship and while this is typical of Toluwanimee, it also speaks to the fact that emergency does not necessarily mean anxiety. The immediacy of the petition should stir up faith such that the believer can worship God rather than stand in jeopardy every hour due to fear.

“Lord Today”, produced by Willz Ukaegbu, is off the forthcoming debut album “Godeeper”. Other spirit-lifting songs from Toluwanimee includes “Made Well”, “Miracle God”, “Open Up”, “Faithful God”, “Forever” and lots more. Get more details on Toluwanimee on www.toluwanimee.com

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