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Bible News: Season Of Harvest – Put In The Sickle


“But when the fruit is brought forth, immediately he putteth in the sickle, because the harvest is come.” – Mark 4:29 KJVThe element that makes the cycle of sowing and harvesting fully complete is the ability to harvest the crop.

A ripe harvest is a RIPE HARVEST in the field until you harvest it, then it becomes MY HARVEST.

That means you can be standing before a miracle and not even know it.

Most times, just before the harvest, God will have you positioned to reap the harvest. The series of activities that lead to the miracle may seem like coincidence in the natural but it is a well orchestrated divine plan. We may not even know what is going on but the most important factor is to be solely surrendered and in God’s will. Focus.

I have been at the door of my miracle before but I didn’t even know it. Everyone asked me what I was doing in such a ‘lowly place’ so much that I started asking God the same thing. Little did I know that was where I was supposed to be for God to launch me into where I needed to be.

Putting in the sickle is making THE miracle, MY miracle by remaining focus in the will of God. Rightly positioned even when you cannot discern where you are spiritually.

A farmer recognizes the harvest by what he sees about the crop but what you see in the natural is not as important as the timing. If the farmer had planted a crop that was supposed to grow in 3 months but he saw nothing after the 3rd month, he will be worried about the timing and what could have gone wrong. Yes, the ripe crop is important but what is more important is the timing.

Understanding of the time and what should be happening to the crop will help the farmer determine the actions necessary. Either to cut off the crop or tend to it so that it can produce. When it finally does, he makes the harvest his harvest by reaping the crop.

In the same way the farmer gets ready for the harvest. The timing is right for you to harvest. What you are seeing (in the natural) is not as important as the timing. The fact exist and the fact may look like things are not in your favour but the truth says it is harvest time. Tend to the crop. Make sure it produce. Get your sickle ready. Be well positioned. Be focus. Get a testimony song because the crop is springing forth any minute now! It’s time to make THE harvest, MY harvest!


1. Father as I wait on you, this year, I will soar with wings like eagles. I will not struggle to fulfill destiny!

2. You sent your Spirit and they are created! As your Spirit discerns it, I receive the delivery of the manifestation of my harvest!

3. Lord I am confident that you are able to do what you have promised. Therefore I am resolute to see my harvest spring forth today. I receive my testimony !!

– Written by Alex Amos

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