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“Tithe Not Compulsory” – Pastor Tunde Bakare Says No One Is Under Duress

Tunde Bakare says

Nigerian televangelist and Senior Pastor of the Latter Rain Assembly, Tunde Bakare says payment of tithe is a voluntary thing.

During an interview with BBC Yoruba service, the man of God stated that no one should compel any other person to pay tithe.

‘Tithing is not compulsory. No-one should feel compelled to pay – no-one is holding a gun to their head” .

Pastor Tunde Bakare also raised the awareness of the fact that about 80% of Nigerians live on less than $2 (£1.40) a day. The 63 years old man of God then called out “men of God” that lives off there congregations saying,

 ‘Churches where pastors are becoming fat and the members are growing lean, God will judge them’.

Pastor Tunde may be right that tithe is not compulsory and that pastors should not compel members to pay, We have also written about this in the article by Alex Amos”:

“We give from a position of love and not out of compulsion but LOVE is responsibility and commitment. This is why the euphoria of love as the world knows it can only last for so long before crashing. The love that is of God is responsible and committed.”

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