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Shopping For A New Device? Top 5 Android Smartphones Of 2017

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– Top 5 Android Smartphones of 2017

jiji 1The smartphone market has become especially interesting at the moment, as there are dozens of fantastic devices being released every month. While we have to wait for new Apple gadgets until September, new Android phones also deserve our attention. Find out which Android devices coming in 2017 are worth checking out. Whenever you need a new phone, find one in the range of smartphones on Jiji, where you get to enjoy unbeatable prices, huge selection of goods, and a top-notch service.

Samsung Galaxy X

Perhaps, the most discussed release of 2017 is Samsung Galaxy X, the first truly flexible mobile phone. Samsung has been rumored to develop the flexible OLED technology for years, and finally we’ll get to see the completely new generation of smartphones – the ones that can be bent, folded, and rolled whichever way you like. The device is guaranteed to make a splash in the tech world.

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Google Pixel

Google is mainly known in the smartphone world for designing Android, the ubiquitous mobile OS, but this year Google is stepping into the production market, releasing Google Pixel. The new Pixel smartphone features not only the best software and apps from Google, but also remarkable tech specs, like 4GB of RAM, plenty of built-in storage, and a high-res AMOLED display.

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HTC 11

The successor to the widely popular HTC 10 is expected to be launched in February and will feature improved characteristics of every parameter, from the better battery life to the faster processor. It is rumored that the updated HTC smartphone will have 8GB of RAM, which will make it one of the most technologically advanced models available today.

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Nokia Android phones

The brand that shaped the mobile phone market of the 2000s is back in the game, this time with the help from Android. Two Android-based Nokia phones, a mid-range and a flagship one, are going to hit the market sometime in 2017. There are no specs known at the moment, but Nokia fans are still very much looking forward to the new devices.

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The LG G5 phone, released in 2016, had outstanding characteristics and design, but, despite the fact that it’s an excellent model, it didn’t perform well in terms of sales. The LG G6, which features improved specs and revamped design, is expected to become a much more successful model, mainly thanks to its upgraded camera and super fast performance, which is the key component of great user experience.

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