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Selah Journal: “Do Not Waste Precious Years” – Lara George Speaks On Relationship & Right Living


lara-georgeSinging is my thing. but sometimes, especially seeing as change begins with us, we have to speak.

What is the right age to marry? Is it true that you shouldn’t take relationships seriously when you are in your 20s? I just heard that said recently and I personally found it very very disturbing!

I had the privilege of attending Queens’ College Lagos for my secondary school education. During assembly, our principal at the time – Mrs Marinho – used to tell us repeatedly that “each step is the corollary of the next.” In other words, the steps you take today, will affect your future. If that be the case, how then, pray tell, could anyone possibly believe that it’s okay to party away between the ages of 19 to 23/24, have one-night stands, kiss strangers and all of that sort of advice, and then suddenly wake up at 25 and think that life will fall into place because you are now ‘ready to marry?’ But of course it doesn’t work that way! Many will spend another decade recovering from the effects of decisions they took in a moment of unthinking frenzy. Sometimes, those effects last a lifetime, and the courses of many lives have often being negatively steered as a direct result of these seemingly transient encounters/decisions.

I beg to disagree, and very strongly so, with that school of thought that says you should not do serious things with your 20s, including relationships. It takes a while for a little seed to germinate, take root and begin to grow. Think of your late teen and early 20years as that seed. A seed sown today will take time and nurturing, as will any path in life or lifelong relationship that one seeks to cultivate. Do not waste precious years on frivolities. Life as we describe it , is meant to be lived and enjoyed all through. It is not true that a 40-year old cannot travel the world (you can do that with your family on holidays.); you can bungeejump at 50 if you so desire or even learn to ride a bike at 60 if you want to.

Away with stereotypes that limit true Godly living abeg. Don’t allow anyone limit your minds today as to what is achievable in Christ. Life can be enjoyed at all stages and by enjoyment, I mean true, Godly enjoyment. Shikena!



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