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Album Review: “Unrestrained” By Eloho – The Uncharted Experience

eloho unrestrained, eloho - unrestrained

eloho unrestrained, eloho - unrestrainedLike the name of the album rightly suggests, Eloho‘s “Unrestrained” album broke boundaries and lavishly  made use of impressions and language in delivering an experience that is beyond what can be expressed on the pages of an article. Like a sweet fragrance, It is an experience enclosed in an album and ready to infiltrate the body, spirit and soul when unleashed till there is an overflow.

The instrumentation is very contemporary, its arrangement and syncopation bears the weight of the message – the lyrics – and acquaints one with the vocals with such gentleness, although, unconventional. In layman’s terms, it is matured, professional and very appealing.

I would say being a Scotland based Gospel artiste reflects on Eloho’s music but then again, the album was produced by Nigerian based producer of international repute, Akinwunmi Oluniyi ‘FLOROCKA’ Akiremi, and since it takes both the artiste and the producer to interpret a song, the outcome of Eloho’s album is more of chemistry and state of mind of the artiste as understood and brought to life by the producer. Have in mind that the personalities in this case have experiences, spiritual alertness, anointing, talent and skills.

Eloho picks a subtle pace for the introduction of the album and maintains a gradual rise that climaxes at the middle. The song “Speechless” introduces us to the dominant genre which is Contemporary Praise and Worship. “To Our God” and “Worship Medley” which features Gracey further give credence to Eloho’s predominant genre although she picks up the pace for almost-mid-tempo metrical ticks on the 3rd track.

“He’s Alive” is a beautiful deviation into Techno-Pop. It’s no wonder why Eloho shot a video for the single first, because of its dynamics. It is a confident statement of an assurance of one’s position because of the price Jesus paid. The mood and the tone of the song complements the message. It is also worthy to note that the instrumentation further set the tone for the joyous message the song carries that it could not have been expressed any better!

We  begin our sojourn in the depth of the album with the track “Once Again” as the album begins to climax. If you are really in-tune, you cannot go through “Once Again”, “Holy Holy Holy” (Featuring Nathan and Tolusax), “Jesus we Love You”, and “The Name of Jesus” without busting out in other tongues!

The climax moment of the album leverages on the spiritual depth and lyrical mellifluousness. It is safe to say the recitation of Revelations 4:6-8 at the beginning of “Holy Holy Holy” was significant to the essence of the track and no matter how expressive the instrumentation or the vocals could have been, the scriptural backing completed the track without leaving anything out! That being said, the saxophone solo on the song is epic!

The anticlimax begins with “He’ll do it Again”, but don’t get it twisted, this is not an anticlimax that subsides the momentum but one that seals up the experience with a grand finish. Florocka‘s role on the track cannot be over emphasized as it is an important part of the success of the track, in terms of aesthetics and message. The trumpet on the song is beautiful.

Eloho continues the trend of declarations as she seals up the “Unrestrained” experience with “Mighty God” and “Fearless”. If there is a call for an encore on the album, it will be “Fearless”. The song is another – but – mild deviation from the predominant genre on the album. It depicts elements of 80s Rock, another bold declaration of an assurance!

What better way to round off such an experience as the “Unrestrained” album safe for a “Praise Jam”. Eloho features Sunkey on the track with creative transitions and afrocentric vibes. The tone and mode depicts celebration, freedom which is apt for the album title.

Watch “He’s Alive”


Artiste: Eloho Efemuai

Album: Unrestrained

Year: 2016

Features: Tolusax, Nathan, Anna Barton, Isabella, Gracey, Florocka, Sunkey

Producer: Akinwunmi Oluniyi ‘FLOROCKA’ Akiremi

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URL: elohoefemuai.co.uk

Twitter | Instagram: @elohoefemuai

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