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Truth With Wilson Joel: 10 Mistakes Recording Artistes Make

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♣♣♣♣♣♣ 10 Mistakes Recording Artistes Make By Wilson Joel ♣♣♣♣♣♣

wilson doxologyHopefully this article — 10 Mistakes Recording Artistes Make — will help someone somewhere to align their focus properly. Through the years as a professional songwriter, recording engineer and music producer, I’ve been able to gather some information that can spur you up if well applied. These tips however are not cast in stone. The aim of this write up is to help you think as other posts too were meant to.

1.BIG STUDIOS DON’T EQUATE TO BIG HITS: this is proven time and time again. Many hits have actually come from small bedroom or home studios. Whilst big studios with great gadgets are amazing, it’s all about the person behind it. Wilson Joel made his first hit in his bedroom (an unflinching PC, Senheiser cardioid mic, ESI Juliat soundcard and a normal stage monitor) and this hit which was done for Late Lulu Dikana saw him get signed with Universal Music as one of their freelance project producers. After which he has done other projects with them, Sony BMG and more.


  1. MAKING HITS SHOULD NOT ALWAYS BE THE FOCUS: This is another of the mistakes recording artistes make. Most artistes are always looking for hits instead of content. It’s content that makes a hit. A hit does not translate to content. When you give people what they yearn for, you’ll have a hit basically.


  1. MUSIC DOESN’T GROW WINGS: To get your music heard you just have to never relent in your efforts to pushing them via the Blogs (More effective these days), Radios, TV, interview, Print media and Gigs!


  1. NEVER RECORD YOUR SONGS WITH A PRODUCER YOU HAVE NO CONNECTION WITH: Now this one is deep! Most people get their songs to the wrong hands thereby they become unhappy and eventually irrelevant. Sadly, some producers are interested in your money only whilst very few are interested in your success. Find that producer who wants to see you go far.


  1. FREE GIGS: Get ready for them! To buy a product there has to be a showroom or samples of what the product is like. After which, patronizing the product would be a Yes or no


  1. STARTING AS A FEATURE IS A NO-NO: what you step out as would be how people see you henceforth. You might go a bit far with collaborations but might not last. Look around and research artistes in these 2 categories.


  1. GET AN ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER: This needs stressing! Get an entertainment lawyer to cover you from loop holes! Most times artistes only know the art and lack the “Music business”. No one ever made it on Music but on Music Business!


  1. BE NICE TO EVERYONE: Having a bad attitude won’t let you soar so high. Nobody likes to be disrespected not even my 5 years old nephew or my security aide. Don’t be rude to your manager, producer, fans, clients and the general public. It forms part of your credits.


  1. BE KNOWN FOR A SOUND: Find your sound and never be a copy of another artiste. You can be inspired by them but don’t mimic them. You’ll be seen as a karaoke singer.


  1. YOU CAN’T MAKE IT ALONE: You’ll need God, Vision/Focus, People & Talent!!! Talent will take you where connections can’t sustain you.


There are many more but please use these and make sure you don’t fall into these mistakes recording artistes make. Please feel free to share.


©®™ Doxology Music, Lagos

About Wilson Joel

Born, raised & bred in Lagos, Nigeria. Headed for the study of medicine, he realized that music is his passion so the journey started way back in the 90’s starting out as a studio apprentice and later an intern with another fast rising studio in Lagos around 2001-2002.

He relocated to South Africa where the career then received more light and found expression. Wilson Joel has since become a force to reckon with in Africa, Asia and Europe

His production skills are highly sorted after by clients around the world. Wilson Jadore Joel has worked with many personalities in the music industry and corporate organisations both home and abroad including Wanda Baloyi (SA), MXO (SA), Lili Feng (China), Chevelle Franklyn (Jamaica), Oby M(UK), Abby Godwin (UK), Lite (Canada), Judith Sephuma (SA), Lulu (SA), Ade Bantu (Germany), Funmi (Sweden), C-Sharp (SA), Kiku (SA), Assent Tweed (SA), Kenny K’ore (Nigeria), ID Cabasa (Nigeria), Sinach (Nigeria) And Many More In Africa,Europe,Asia and more. Wilson has shared stage with the some prominent artiste around the world Including Bob james, Abraham Laboriel, Donnie McClurkin, Chevelle Franklyn, Sadao Watanabe, Micah Stampley, Mike Aremu, Sammie Okposo, Judith Sephuma, Kunle Ayo and many more.



Twitter: @wilsonjoel

Instagram: @musicmagnate

Facebook: Wilson Joel



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