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Bible News: If Sin Knocks You Down, Get Back Up!!

Sin, knocks you down, get up,

♠♠♠♠ If Sin Knocks You Down, Get Back Up — Even Stronger  ♠♠♠♠


“For I will be merciful toward their iniquities, and I will remember their sin[s] no more.”

– Hebrews 8:12

Sin, knocks you down, get up,

Remember this. The enemy will sometimes make you feel like you have made huge mistakes and too dirty to come before  God. That your sin has alienated you from Him and you cannot come before His presence. Whatever the accusation, Never ever back down!

Let me tell you a little story. Peter was one of Jesus’ disciples that was more or less His right hand man. When Jesus talked about His death, he rebuked Jesus, he also tried to resist Jesus’ arrest. All these he did because he loved Him and felt he was protecting Him.

Nevertheless, when things got really bad (seemingly), Peter denied Jesus not one but three times. To add salt to injury, when Jesus was crucified, Peter forgetting that He already told them He will rise from the dead, told the other disciples, he was abandoning the race. He said; ” I go a fishing” (John 21:3) and by that, led some of the disciples away too.

Someone may be quick to conclude and be critical of Peter. You may even say his faith is weak but see what he did when Jesus appeared to them.

Simon Peter left the other disciples jumped into the water and straight way went to meet Jesus (John 21:7). You would have expected him to at least hide away in shame because of the guilt of the terrible things he did to Jesus, instead Peter ran to meet Jesus and Jesus restored him.

I want you to know that the only power the enemy is using against you is the power of the knowledge of the guilt you carry because of the terrible things you have done and have convinced yourself that there is no way anyone can escape the repercussion. Peter could have carried the same mentality, ran away or hid himself from Jesus too and he would not have received  his restoration but for the very reason is why Christ died and rose again.

Your challenges and bad experience does not mean that you are receiving punishment from God because of your sins, it is mostly due to the fact that your guilt made you surrender power, you backed down and gave the enemy an occasion to wage war in your life.

Some people say things like “I know I am being punished for my sins”. The question is, who is punishing you? Definitely not God! If God isn’t, don’t you think no one else have the right to punish you, especially the devil?

Repeat after me now. “I Know I made mistake when I sinned against God, but Jesus Christ was punished till God’s wrath was exhausted for my transgression. The chastisement of my peace was placed upon Him and He has taken the consequence of this sin away from me. The handwriting of requirement that is contrary to me, He has nailed to the cross, He disarmed principalities and powers and disgraced them publicly. Therefore, no one can judge me except God, and he has given me is righteousness by grace, I am free in Jesus name!”

Genuinely confess your sins and ask God for forgiveness. Get up from the pool of guilt, blame, unforgiveness and never back down no matter what, because it is when you are overwhelmed with guilt that it becomes difficult to see God in the situation or come into His presence. This is a spiritual sleep and when men are asleep, is when the enemy comes to sow tares (Matt 13:25)

“But while men slept, his enemy came and sowed tares among the wheat, and went his way.”

– Matthew 13:25

— Written by Alex Amos


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