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Why Neymar Wore 100% Jesus Head Band At Rio 2016

Neymar Wore 100% Jesus

neymarNeymar wore 100% Jesus head band in celebrating victory at Rio 2016

As Brazil won the Gold medal defeating Germany in a penalty shootout at the Olympics Games, Rio 2016, Neymar scored the decisive goal busting into tears and falling on his knees as he celebrated the victory that won the Gold.

But something else aside Neymar’s tears of joy or jubilation was the side attraction. As he celebrated, noticeable was his head band that read “100% Jesus”

It wasn’t the first time the footballer will be seen wearing the headband, as a matter of fact, it goes way back to his childhood.

As a child, Neymar wore a head band that read “100% Jesus” and went to church in Sao Vincent. Some have said the story of the head band is associated with his football club while he was still playing at home. It was said that Neymar wore the head band as an appreciation to God for miraculously providing a football pitch for his home base club at the time.

Also in 2012, Neymar. sported the head band and raced around the field after his former team Santos secured the 2012 Sao Paulo State Championship. He also celebrated the 2015 Champions League with a white head band on his head with the message “100% Jesus”.

While the childhood story could not be ascertain, one thing is for sure, whatever the reason is, Neymar made a clear statement of intent to not only the thousands of spectators in the stadium but also to the millions  watching on T.V. Jesus is at the center of Neymar’s life and so must  take part in his celebrations.


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