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“I Once Sold CDs & ‘Okrika'” – Wilson Joel Celebrates 18 Years Of Making Music


Wilson joel newOn Saturday 31st day of October, award winning producer Wilson Joel celebrated 18 years in music production and sent out a thank you message.

He recalled painful and beautiful experiences and how they have effected who he is, including selling CDs and Okrika (imported used clothes) just to make ends meet.

Read Wilson Joel‘s message below:

Today makes it 18 years of musicianship for me! It’s been such an experience! Life loads of wisdom learnt as a musician!!!

So many colleagues we started together ain’t in it no more, due to several legit reasons. But here I am not because I was the best of them… It’s simply grace! It had nothing to do with me, I was and still I am passionate about good music!

No disrespect to anyone but to those who laughed and scorned me when I started, who’s laughing now? Never belittle yourself talk less of allowing anyone to!

From singing in a choir (Mezzo-Soprano) to learning the keyboard, at first by ear for 2 years to playing for all sorts of bands in all sorts of places to carrying the keyboard on my head (Hustle was for real yo!) to playing at church every Wednesday, Sunday and every other events diligently to getting ripped off as a studio boy (to me I was learning & was never hurt by that) to selling CDS to make-it-a-day to selling okrika (used imported clothes) just so I can use the money to sustain my lack of money then from doing music, to my family looking at me with such disdain (a supposed doctor-to-be) to friends sitting me down and telling me to think twice in fact they stopped talking to me and called me a failure to my one time ex’s family calling a meeting for my sake to break the relationship as they said music can’t fend for their daughter (And the daughter agreed right in front of me).

I could go on and on but let me drop my thoughts here. Just to say a big thank you to the ONLY WISE GOD. When everything looked dull and bleak, HE kept making a way for me somehow, and to my friends and colleagues who have always been there for me, I thank you! If I start to mention names, I just might not have enough space….. But thank you for helping me in your own special way. And to the man who amidst a busy life after everyone else refused to show me PRO stuff on the keys long time ago Lanre Oliyide. I celebrate you forever! Look at your product “ME”!

Congrats to Wilson Joel from SelahAfrikans!


Twitter: @wilsonjoel

Instagram: @musicmagnate

Facebook: Wilson Joel

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