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Bible News: Little Boxes – Created To Stand Out


“Don’t let anyone look down on you because you are young, but set an example for the believers in speech, in conduct, in love, in faith and in purity” 1Tim 4:12


Naturally, I’m that kind of quiet-never-saying-much kinda dude. Always smiling with a very high tolerance level but one of the times you can’t keep me quiet is when someone is trying to fit me into the box in their head.

I have realized that we all carry boxes in our head. Some people have actually enlarged their boxes so as to give people the chance to grow but most people carry little boxes in their head where they try to fit (conform) people (into). That is, a presumptuous and lowly idea of who the other person is and this dictates how they relate with the person in question. 

I cannot blame the person with the little box but I sure would question who you are if you fit into every little box people try to fit you into.

Most times, people will get angry when they suddenly realize that you don’t fit into their little box but better you get someone angry for a while than remain in Egypt and devour the bread of sorrow.

Mountain moving faith demands that you speak to the mountain, not pet it in hope that it will move.

Never sell your birthright for a dish of pottage, don’t hang yourself for 30 pieces of silver. You are a king! Be great! Be humble like the lamb but know when to roar like a lion… A closed mouth is a closed destiny!

You were not created to fit in but to stand out… #Outstanding

-Written by Alex Amos
Reach Alex on clairacuzzi@yahoo.com or @Alex_Amos on Twitter.

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