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About Justin Bieber’s ‘Fear Of God’ Nirvana T-Shirt At The AMAs

(Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images)
(Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images)

Justin Bieber was rather looking too casual for the 2015 American Music Awards (AMA) red carpet as he wore a Jerry Lorenzo’s Fear of God Nirvana Tee. A lot of Nirvana fans have clamped down on Justin for the move while some believes it was a homage to another colleague who wore a similar tee few weeks earlier.

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Jerry Lorenzo collects vintage tees and re-cuts them imprinting the name of his collection “Fear of God” on them. Justin has been seen in Nirvana Tee more than once but our focus is more on the salient message Justin tried to pass across or is it just a coincidence that few weeks after he said he wasn’t going to be silent about his faith anymore, he is seen at a major event rocking a “Fear of God” T-Shirt, Nirvana or not.

Just thinking out loud… what do you think?


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