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Weekend Review: "Cookies With Christ" – Seeing The God Who Became Flesh


‘Reading the eBook -“Cookies with Christ” by Dami Adedeji, the first thing that hits your mind is the spirit behind the work – such peace, such fulfillment to know such love. Truly, flesh and blood did not reveal the things Dami wrote in the book.

“Cookies with Christ” is a collection of literary pieces that holds thematic subjects of the love of God, the sacrifice He made, forgiveness He gave and the victory we possess. You can definitely fish out more but these are core.

Dami’s was versatile with his writing style as he explored the poetic and prose approach. He was also very figurative with his style; creating images with the use of metaphors, personification, pun, oxymoron and more. The circumlocution at the beginning may want to turn you off if you are not very patient but if you hold on a little, you will be exposed to a rare literary work that stirs your spirit and reassures you of your salvation experiences.’

– Alex Amos

Cookies with Christ

‘This is one book that makes you see God more in the human form.

Dami Adedeji in his book, “Cookies With Christ”, presents God as a companion who seeks the best for His long lost lover who despite more than a million shortcomings, He still loves without any reservations.

Cookies with Christ is a short book inspired by the revelations of the Holy Spirit from the word of God. The content of the book is much more than the natural mind can discern; you’d have to be on some level of highness, the kind that filled Paul and made his shadow to heal the sick.

Most of us have heard and read about Jesus’ travails before His death; in fact, some of us have it up in our heads like a bedtime story. At first, Cookies with Christ details the travails of Jesus before His death as an exciting journey into a world of Glory and then it proceeds to mar our puny conceptualization of God as a big old man who sits high up in the heavens and feeds on our praises.

This is a book that is made up of several short stories, each with the singular aim of bringing you into an understanding of God’s love for us;“a love that overwhelms and builds up” – Cookies with Christ, Page 93. While making efficient use of the Spirit (2 Corinthians 3:6) in the scriptures Dami gives a deep insight into the word of God, bringing to light the need for us to see God the very same way He wants us to see Him and at the same time resonating the need for a deeper relationship with God.

Cookies with Christ also emphasizes the need for us to walk in the authority that God has given us in all areas of life.’

– Maris Onyebuchi Ogoegbulem


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