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Selah's Journal: Experiencing Myles Munroe | By Alex Amos


Myles Munroe 8I woke up to the shocking news of Dr. Myles Munroe, his wife and the 8 others on Monday morning. As I sat at my desk to begin the day’s activity, I found out my hands were shaky. I was breathing faster and restless. I paused and that was when I realised how deeply I have been affected by the news.

You see, I have always known about Dr. Myles but I only got to know him (though I have never met with him) some very few years back. I was facing a challenge that questioned my very identity. I knew God brought me into the situation and needed me to find myself even when all odds where against everything I thought made me who I am. This was when I got to know about Dr. Myles Munroe.

Being close to the senior pastor and having access to his things is somewhat dangerous but it has its privileges as well. It is dangerous in the sense that you can get too used to  the anointing and take it for granted but one of its advantages is that you have access to his wealth of knowledge.

I was in the pastor’s office on a certain day doing some organizing when I stumbled on a broken DVD. The DVD was split in the middle to an area up the arc and I felt for certain there was no way it could still be working but I decided to play it anyways.

I slotted the broken DVD into a system and I was introduced to Myles Munroe’s teachings on “God’s Big Idea: Reclaiming God’s Original Purpose for Your Life”

The messages changed me and I am going to share some of it with you briefly.

The first message that hit me was that Jesus never came to preach about any other message but the Kingdom. “Repent for the Kingdom of God is at hand,” “The Kingdom of God is likened to a man…” “except a man be born again, he cannot enter into the Kingdom of God,” all he preached about was the kingdom. One shocking realization for me was that Jesus wasn’t actually preaching about being born again. It was only mentioned once but Christians these days place more emphasis on it. Jesus was actually illustrating on how one can enter the Kingdom when he mentioned it.

He further said, the idea of colonization was first conceived by God before the British Kingdom ever came into existence. When God created the earth, Adam and Eve, like the British will do, God was trying to create an extension of Heaven (an extension of the Kingdom) here on earth therefore he said, “Let’s create man in our own image” and “have dominion.” The idea was to create an extension of heaven which will still be under God’s authority but delegated to man. Man will learn to do things and behave like citizens of the royal blood. The Kingdom will be responsible for their welfare and protection. The first man however failed therefore the 2nd Man, Jesus came to redeem us to Royalty.

As a result of this, every Christian carry 2 passport. One as a citizen of planet earth and also as a citizen of the Kingdom and like Paul we can use it to our advantage. Paul used his status as both a Jew and a Roman citizen to advantage in his ministry.

Part of the review on the “God’s Big Idea” reads:

There has never been a better time to be alive! God’s plan since before time began is about to unfold worldwide. He is going to establish His rule through people like you. He will cover the earth with His glory by pouring Himself into His people. This book is another exciting addition to Dr. Myles Munroe’s series on the Kingdom of God. God’s Big Idea shows how God wants to make the earth a place of Kingdom harmony and peace-beginning with you! You will discover things about God’s love and plan, such as how: Your destiny will be fulfilled right here on earth. You can enjoy continuous fellowship with the Lord. You are created to turn the earth into a place filled with His culture! Your decisions make a big difference in what happens on earth. Dr. Munroe explains how you can be directly involved in God’s Big Idea by helping plant and multiply His garden communities where all God’s children live fruitful and abundant lives. Discover God’s Big Idea, and you will find your own destiny!

Here’s a part of the clip where Dr. Myles expounded on “God’s Big Idea” with Benny Hinn:

Get God’s Big Idea on Amazon

myles 8

Series: The Kingdom Series

Hardcover: 252 pages

Publisher: Destiny Image; English Language edition (August 1, 2008)

Language: English

ISBN-10: 0768427037

ISBN-13: 978-0768427035

Product Dimensions: 9.1 x 6.4 x 0.8 inches


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