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'American Idol' Finalist Jason Castro Talks Trading Pop Success For God On CBN


jason-castroFormer “American Idol” contestant Jason Castro cut off his famous locks and rededicated his life to Jesus after success drew him further away from his faith. Now married and a father to a baby girl, the young singer spends his time offering the hope of God to others.

After leaving Idol in fourth place, in 2008, Castro had a No.1 international hit. Then like a strike of lightening, he disappeared from the pop music scene in a flash.

Castro told CBN that loneliness began to take a toll on him, and being away from his family and his church took him in a direction away from God. He also admitted that he had been struggling with physical exhaustion, “It started to feel a little meaningless. Why am I doing this? To make a name for myself? To make some money? I started to really have a longing to have more God in my life,” Castro said.

During the interview with CBN Castro spoke of his departure from his staple long dreadlocks. “Well, I felt like it was time for a change. Once I cut it I’m like, ‘Oh, this is what it feels like to run your fingers through your hair,'” Castro said.

jason castro

Castro said he now uses the platform from Hollywood to spread the love of God around the world. The now father and husband spends much of his time overseas working as a spokesperson for the charities, Malaria No More and helping with Roma Boots, a nonprofit providing boots to children in need.

As for the future Castro said,” I don’t know what the future holds for Jason, but there will always be music.”

To watch Castro’s full interview on CBN click here.


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