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#SelahMusic: John Olumayowa | Way Of Salvation

John Olumayowa | Way Of Salvation

It is a free gift from God that belongs to you when you place your total faith and trust in the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. John Olumayowa releases an R’n’B single, “Way Of Salvation” produced by Temmy David.

John Olumayowa is a fast-rising Nigerian gospel singer, preacher, and founder of Tephillah Charismatic Ministries International and the host of “WORDS AND TONGUES ONLY (WATO).”

According to Pastor John Olumayowa, “2023 was such a significant year for me. Series of events to prove the genuineness of my salvation. Christ came through and my confession of faith is once again proven right.

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“Jesus the way, truth and resurrection. This song is a song of hope to anyone passing through one thing or the other and thinking of giving up on God. This must encourage everyone.”

Now available on all major platforms.

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Yeah C’mon
Jesus is the way
Can you hear it
Yes, I can
He is, now and always

I woke up in the morning
As I woke from my sleep
In my dream I had seen the Lord
Who promised me and taught me to be brave
There were messages popping in
Calling me a debtor
Suddenly my phone rang
It was from a friend saying
John what is the problem
I don’t know
Can you talk to me
Oh no
I don’t wat to speak about it
Oh why
How hurt are you right now?
So hurt so hurt so hurt
Haven’t you read from the Bible that
Come to me all ye that are labour
That are heavy laden
And I will give you rest
And I knelt down to pray
Cast all my burden on him
And He showed and He cleared
All the debts that were on my neck
Thank you Jesus
For everything that you’ve done
For me

Jesus the way, He is the way
Jesus the way, He is the way

I’m now a free man
Oh yeah oh yeah oh yeah
Debts paid in the blood j
Oh yeah oh yeah oh yeah
Can you preach your experience
Oh yeah oh yeah oh yeah
How often can you preach it
How do you feel right now
So glad so glad so glad
Wave your hands to the Father

Jesus the way, He is the way
Jesus the way, He is the way 2x

He’s the way
He’s the way
He’s the way 2x




Facebook: John Olumayowa

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