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Why Christians Live An Imbalanced Life – Pastor Touré Roberts

Pastor Touré Roberts

Pastor Touré Roberts, Potter’s House Church pastor has warned Christians about the dangers of living in spiritual weariness and how to fight it. Pastor Touré has offered few signs that shows up when people are living an “imbalanced life.”

Pastor Touré Roberts of Los Angeles-based church , Potter’s House Church, and podcasters from “The Same Room” held an on-stage Q&A last month on avoiding an imbalanced life and the “cure” for spiritual weariness.

“Weariness is a sign. And there’s a difference between tiredness and weariness. All of us get tired. You work all day. You get tired. You go to sleep. Your body is set up for that. Weariness is different though,” he explained.

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Roberts said being wary is not physical exhaustion, but it is a faith-focused issue that happens when someone is worn-out in their mind, body, spirit and soul.

“When you are weary, you are spiritually, emotionally, psychologically and physically drained,” Roberts said. “The cure for weariness goes much deeper. … [You] have to deal with some of the spiritual things that have been depleted. You have to replenish you. You don’t replenish you with sleep.”

He said that weariness is “the gradual, gravitational pull down to the tarmac of disaster”

“You are spirit. So you replenish yourself with The Spirit. You replenish yourself with God. … So you get your physical rest. But, you also have to connect with God. You have to connect with the Source of your soul,” Roberts preached, while mentioning Psalm 23 he continued by reading psalm 23 “He restores my …’ what? ‘My soul.’ So when I am weary, my soul needs to be replenished. And that’s why rest won’t do it, you have to work spiritual disciplines.”

Another sign a Christian is living an imbalanced life is remaining stagnation, Roberts said.

“The first sign is stagnation; you feel stuck. … Two weeks ago, you were good. But, for some reason now, you feel stuck, and you don’t feel like you can move forward. Being stuck is unnatural. Everything in the world moves. The earth is moving right now,” Roberts said.

Another sign that a person is operating in an imbalanced state is a “lack of vision,” according to Roberts. 

Roberts said that many people at the start of the new year had a passion for a vision that they hoped to accomplish. And for some he said, the vision was clear and they were moving towards it. But many lost sight of their vision by the time March rolled around.

Roberts said that jealousy and envy are also signs of imbalance. 

“When [a] person is out of balance … it’s easy to be jealous and envious of other people because you’re not living in the environment that affirms you. When you’re balanced, you’re affirmed. You are affirmed in who you are. You are enough, and you are so busy doing you that you’re not moved,” said roberts .

“In fact, you are encouraged by the success of other people because it’s connected to the success that you feel when you’re balanced.”

The fifth sign of imbalance is “a decline in your thought-life,” Roberts said. 

Roberts warned it’s a bad sign when some people tend to think about the “lowest possible interpretation” of any given situation.

Roberts believes his book should resonate with generations of Christians.

There are plenty of books on time management, work-life balance, and they’re great books, and we need all of that. But, we’re still out of balance, and so obviously that’s not the answer,” Roberts said.

I just trusted and believed that through my own journey of seeking and searching and transformation to lay hold of balance that God would give me something that would impact the world, He added.”

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