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Selah Journal: Why It Is Worrisome Nigerians Labelled Pastor Sam Adeyemi “Marlian” In Reaction To Tweet

Sam Adeyemi Marlian

It is funny but also worrisome that Nigerians labelled Pastor Sam Adeyemi Marlian after his tweet about Mali

Sam Adeyemi, the senior pastor at Daystar Christian Center, recently took to Twitter to express his views on the new leadership of the African state Mali. But the tweet was no sooner posted than it was hijacked by Nigerian Twitter.

Many Nigerian Twitter user confused the word “Malians” in the tweet for the fans of Nigerian artiste Naira Marley’s fans who are called “Marlians” and as such jokingly labelled Pastor Sam Adeyemi Marlian.

Pastor Sam Adeyemi posted on Twitter:

“Malians have a unique opportunity to lay a new foundation for Mali to become a developed economy. Fervently hoping that citizens and the new leadership will have this vision, agree on the values that will make it achievable, and hold leadership accountable for the execution.” 

Pastor Sam Adeyemi expressed hope that the country’s citizens and the new leadership would have a vision, agree on the values that would enable it to achieve it and hold the leadership accountable for the execution.

Nigerians and especially, fans of artiste Naira Marley confused the word for “Marlians” momentarily and the response on the post were funny but also worrisome.

Funny because of the momentary confusion, worrisome because at this stage in African states, especially Nigeria, it is appalling to see where the attention of many-a-youth really lies.

Few days ago, Lawyer and politician Femi Fani-Kayode had complained on Twitter about the focus of the average Nigerian youth. He also made reference to the new leadership in Mali saying it took a youth in Mali to cause a turn around but the Nigerian youth would rather sit and watch entertainment programs such as Big Brother Naija, rather than advocate for better governance. He buttress that this is why the state of the nation is what it is today.

“25 year old man in Mali led the coup to reclaim their nation. 30 years old in Nigeria watching BBNaija, shouting (sic) “Leycon my man!”

Pastor Sam Adeyemi responded to the confusion on a light note but did not fail to point out this deficiency as well. His response was funny but very metaphoric to the vision of the average Nigerian youth.

What is happening? I wrote ‘Malians’ in a tweet but some people saw ‘Marlians’. Our brains are biased when it comes to seeing,” he tweeted.


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