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Belief Gone Wrong! Meet Vissarion – The Man Who Thinks He Is Jesus Christ Reincarnate

Jesus Christ Reincarnate

Fondly called Vissarion, he went from a simple traffic cop and former Red Army soldier in Russia to thinking he is Jesus Christ Reincarnate and becoming quite controversial based on this false belief.

Daily Mail reports Sergei Anatolyevitch Toro is now known as Jesus Christ, having acclaimed that he is the Lord’s reincarnate. An average Christian who is conversant with the scripture however will dispel this claim in one glance because Jesus who worked the earth thousands of years ago, is only going to come back to take the saints home with him

The 54-year-old man born on January 14, 1961. He is currently the founder of the religious sect in Siberia – Church of the Last Testament. The teachings of this group is based on his own book, The Last Testament.

Since 1989, he has managed to attract 5,000 people from all parts of the world. These church members are called Vissarionites and they call their leader the Teacher, Messiah and Vissarion. Church members are not allowed to smoke, drink, use money or any other perceived immoralities of this world. The purpose of this is to embrace a simple existence, which they do by living in wooden huts located around their master.

The funny part is that Sergei Anatolyevitch Toro does not live with his members, rather he lives in a chalet closeby with 50 or so of his closest followers. This does not stop them from adorning their walls with his images and playing his sermons during the community’s meetings.

Vissarion teaches his followers about the apocalypse, reincarnation and vegetarianism. The Mirror reports that he also teaches that “great flood is coming and he promises salvation and spiritual perfection to his followers.” Agriculture without the use of modern technology and a minimalistic lifestyle is encouraged.

The church does not celebrate Christmas as this has been replaced by a feast day on Vissarion’s birthday, They also celebrate the anniversary of Vissarion’s first sermon in 1991 every August 18th. This is the church’s biggest holiday of the whole year.

BBC’s Simon Reeve was able to interview Vissarion and a teacher this year as part of a documentary. When asked about accusations from critics that say that he is “brainwashing and embezzling” his followers,  Vissarion‘s response was that this made him “sad.”

Sad, what else can I feel? This is unavoidable. I’ll put down the basis that will change all humanity,”he said.

However, according to Reeve, the interview ended with Vissarion asking his followers to “donate money and provide labour for his profit-making businesses.”

He met his 19 year-old wife when she posed nude for his paintings, which is what he spends most of his time doing. His first wife left him after he married this young lady, Newsweek reports.

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