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Tru South Gives New Definition To Gospel Hip Hop With “Demoh” & “Nothing But The Truth”


tru southRapvangelist Tru South has released a couple of singles prior to this time but these new singles will define the gospel rap music again. Watch this space as Tru South will be releasing two new singles – “Demoh” & “Nothing but the Truth” – this weekend.

“I thought about my previous works and I realize it’s been a while I gave the Christian community that Tru South from “Head Full of Dreams”, the outcome of that thought process is what I’m about to give you.”

“Demoh” is more of a street anthem. The chant of “Demoh” that rang through out the song makes the Gospel look ‘cool’, If you have ever had to defend your being a christian with the saying “I am not ashamed of the gospel”, well you haven’t seen the way Tru South wears the Gospel like your favourite designers!

“Nothing but the Truth” is arguably the ‘realest’ christian rap song in recent times. Tru South said he was skeptical about releasing such a sensitive song but also felt it was what the Christian community needed at this time to effect the looming change.

“Well I guess we will just have to wait and see how they respond to it. I mentioned several names with several experiences on the song and they are all real.” 

Tru South is one of the foremost rappers from the BLW RapNation. He broke into the Gospel scene with the massive hit single “Head Full of Dreams” and have released several singles ever since. He is a recipient of various awards from renowned dignitaries including President Barack Obama and Pastor Chris Oyakhilome.

The new singles drop on Saturday, the 11th of July 2015.


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Alex Amos


  1. Awesome…I just dey demoh…thank you for been a blessing to me.i never liked rap music,I dont listen to it.but when I heard your song,I fell in love with the words..it hit me in my spirit…its so awesome..looking forward to getting the CD.Thank you

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