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Kayode Olusoji Talks About The Inspiration Behind Hit Song "Gidi Gan"


Kayode OlusojiThe Inspiration

“Gidi Gan” means: Abundantly; richly; copiously; more than enough; immensely; in large Quantities; plentifully; and lavishly. The main reason why Jesus Christ came into this world is to give us life abundantly, and that is what “Gidi Gan” is all about.

When this song “Gidi Gan” was produced, little did I know that the song will travel far and wide? The song broke cultural barriers and it is loved by fans in Nigeria, in many African Countries, Europe, USA and the reception has just been overwhelming.  I wrote the song in the year 2008 and I got the inspiration from the scriptures, John 10:10, where the scripture says, “The thief cometh not, but for to steal, and to kill, and to destroy: I am come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly.”

The original plan of God during creation, is to give human race live abundantly. Before He placed Adam in the Garden of Eden, He created everything that he needed. It was not a mistake that man was created last, it was done on purpose. God created everything that will make us live life abundantly (i.e. Gidi Gan). All food that we will need to eat was created earlier (Genesis 1:12:29-30), and also all the infrastructures and the amenities that man needed were created such as Sun, Moon, Stars, and the biggest fish pond  ever(Sea).

He did not create hospitals because we don’t have to fall sick, He gave us divine health instead. He did not create Schools, He gave us divine wisdom. Through this wisdom, Adam named all the animals on earth. God would frequently leave His throne in heaven and pay Adam and Eve a visit and He would fellowship with them regularly. What a wonderful love. He gave man dominion over all things. Adam was never afraid of snakes, lions and all those dangerous animals, they were all living amicably.

However, man sinned and lost this glorious estate. The first Adam made a terrible mistake by eaten the forbidden fruit. He was sent out of the beautiful garden. Through him, sickness entered the world, poverty entered the world, hardship entered the world, fear entered the world and death became man’s portion. The thief who stole our joy in John 10:10 was Satan. The second Adam, Jesus, however came into this world, to restore back to us everything we lost in Eden.  Through Jesus we have access to divine health again; we were healed by His Stripes. Through Jesus we became wealthy again; He was made poor so that we might be rich. Through Jesus we regained our peace; the chastisement of our peace was upon Him and Through Jesus Christ, death lost his victory over us; we have eternal life. Now, we have the right to enjoy that great provision of abundant life that Jesus came to give us, only by accepting Him as our personal Lord and Savior

When was this track produced?

In early 2011, I walked into Instinct studio and told my producer, Wole Oni and said, “I want you to produce a music that will sack me from the bank due to subsequent demand for me and my music”.  Wole replied and said, “No, I will not produce a music that will sack you, but a music that will elevate you.”  That’s exactly what “Gidi Gan” music has done; it has elevated me.

Kayode Olusoji 2

The Video

The video was directed by Frizzle and has cameo role by Wole Oni who was on the piano, female musicians on drums, horns and guitar, and special appearance by Moji Olusoji, Mike Abdul, Funke  AKinokun, Lara Olubo,  and Victor Igbinigie (Gospogroove) .  The attire is a uniquely African that projects my brand and style of music “Afro Contempo Gospo Music” a blend of African tunes, spiced with a contemporary flavor. The video has been aired on many TV stations across Africa, America and Europe and the song has won several awards both within and outside Nigeria. You can have a refreshing time with the video by clicking the link below:


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