Happy New Year people! May this be the beginning of a new you in Jesus name. I want to thank everyone who God has brought to be part of the SelahAfrik family, everyone that has opened a page of this great online Magazine and got glued. I really appreciate you. It’s funny how I’d thanked people that will come across this site in future sometimes ago, in a post and I know that God has increased us so much within a short space because the traffic keeps getting ‘outrageously’ better by the day, so I want to thank those who God is still bringing this 2014. Your encounter with SelahAfrik will be a life transforming experience in Jesus name. Amen.

He will keep him in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on you, because he trusts in you.” – Isaiah 26:3

I remember sometimes ago in 2012 when I just got employed to this media house and in a week, my boss started handing me the key to the entire office.

She said “I’m giving you this based on trust. You look like someone I can trust.”

That same day, I lost the key in a bus! It was evening already, the bus I couldn’t recognise even if I was able to see it. I prayed to God not to let me betray that trust and help me find the key miraculously. The next day as I approach the office knowing I’d betrayed the trust, I cried but God kept bringing Isaiah 26:3 to my mind. I couldn’t understand why, how could I have peace except I find the key?

I felt like I’d disappointed someone. I felt more pain about that than I felt for losing the key. I approached my boss that morning and told her I’d lost the keys to the office.

I saw disappointment written all over her face, I even saw fear… I guess she was adding up the possibilities of me handing the keys to robbers and the likes. She screamed and threatened me. I couldn’t blame her, we’ve only known each other for a week and now this!

Then the extra ordinary began to happen. She didn’t rush to change the lock. She staked the office on trust throughout the weekend. She joked about it with me and when she finally changed the lock the following week, she handed the key back to me saying.

“The former was a single key, it can easily be misplaced.”

She fixed a very big key holder to the new key and said:

“That cannot slip off without notice.”

The bounds became stronger and when I left, she was very broken that I’d felt like she will never want to have anything to do with me ever again but again I was wrong, we spoke a couple of days ago for the umpteenth time since I left, the love remains the same. I’d made a friend… A very good friend.

God often use situations that looks difficult, petty or that does not follow normal logic for our good. 2013 brought a lot of challenges that I’d felt like as a child of God, I wasn’t supposed to go through. Sometimes, I will run to God and ask questions, at times, I just smile and ask:

“Daddy that’s you right?”

In all, I won in 2013. I have 2 words from the scripture I stare at every morning on the wall next to my bed that reminds me of my victorious-never-failing-life in Christ but I tell you there were mornings when I woke up in 2013 but the situation and the word doesn’t seem to tally but today the first of January 2014 (as I lay on my bed and type out this post staring at the word – from 1Corinthians 15:57 and 1John 5:4), I can sincerely tell you that the summation of the events from 2013 say that I won.

2014 is here again and I am being reminded this morning of God’s word in Isaiah 26:3. There’s never been a year in my life that I’ve looked forward to as I anticipate the unveiling of 2014 and I’m assured of my victories, my peace and I know that no matter how God chooses to rock the boat, it is going to be for my good, my increase and prosperity – all to His own glory.

Thank God for 2014! Happy New Year to you… God bless you real good.

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