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A 2015 research has shown that more than half of the world billionaires have been identified as Christians – Thus the Christian billionaires compilation list.

The study of the richest Christians, from the nonpartisan wealth research firm New World Wealth, found that of the 13.1 million millionaires in the world, 7.4 million, or 56.2 percent, identify themselves as Christian when asked about their religion.

The study also revealed that the richest countries are also Christian-dominant. According to New World Wealth, 7 of the 10 wealthiest countries—ranked by number of millionaires—are “Christian dominated,” according to the report.

As a result, SelahAfrik has compiled the list of the billionaires and entrepreneurs who are Christians from all around the world – the richest Christians in the world – deducing from the result obtained from the study. As you read their short biographies, you will see as the scriptures came alive in their lives yielding massive results for them. Checkout the list below.

Within a few years, Tyler Perry went from being homeless to selling out theatres. Tyler Perry is an outspoken Christian who credits his success to God. In 2006, he established Tyler Perry Studios and in 2008 it moved to its current location – a 200,000 square foot studio facility situated in Southwest Atlanta, USA.

Christian Billionaire Alakija started out her professional career in the mid 70s as a secretary at the now defunct International Merchant Bank of Nigeria, one of the country’s earliest investment banks. In the early 80s, Alakija quit her job and went on to study Fashion design in England, returning to Nigeria shortly afterwards to start Supreme Stitches, a premium Nigerian fashion label which catered exclusively to upscale clientele. Famfa Oil