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RCCG Empowers Youths On Digital Skills Worth N400million In Honor Of Pastor Enoch Adeboye’s 82nd Birthday

RCCG Empowers Youths

-RCCG Empowers Youths On Digital Skills Worth N400million In Honor Of Pastor Enoch Adeboye’s 82nd Birthday

The Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG) has showerd over N4OOmillion on youths in honor of Pastor Enoch Abeboye‘s 82nd birthday.

According to the church, through its Continent 3s digital transformation drive, themed ‘A World of Unlimited Possibilities’ future boot camp valued at over N400 million has imparted over 1,000 Nigerian youths, in honor of the cleric.

According to Pastor Leke Adeboye, he stated that the initiative which aims to alleviate poverty through the ripple effect of digital knowledge, was the first of its kind in the country and whole of Africa.

He said, “I am part of the incubator team in this movement. Its aim is to assist the average Nigerian youth. It started off with 12 thousand youths applying; 5 thousand and above were able to do the online test, but we ended up with 1 thousand people making up for the physical meeting.

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“Basically, what we are trying to push is the agenda of helping the Nigerian youth from age 15 to 45 understand what will count in the future of work and what they need to equip themselves with to succeed. It is the first of its kind in Africa, and we are hopefully going to do more.

“We have done seven days, and there would be a need for continuity for them to be able to give feedback on areas they don’t understand yet because it takes a while to re-engineer anyone’s mind to achieve the success to which we want access. On average, it should have cost N400,000 per person; if 100 people had come here, it would have cost about N400 million, but God has helped us to subsidise it.

“We are hoping that in nine months, people that have come will give birth to their own businesses and companies along that line, but with the mindset of “ A World of Unlimited Possibilities,” they will help support the economy.

“If everybody is able to create jobs, the ripple effect would help alleviate poverty across our great nation called Nigeria. because if one person is doing okay in a family, they would be able to support other people, and such an individual would come out to help his or her community,” he said as rccg empowers youths.

Asked if the church would employ these youths, he added, “The game plan is that they would start up their own business and also end up employing other people. We have shown them the link, the bait for the fish, how to catch the fish, and how to store the fish. So the game plan is to get them to the door and remain inside the door of success.”


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