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Bible News: The Need For Watchmen | By Alex D. Amos

The Need For Watchmen | By Alex D. Amos | Bible News

– The Need For Watchmen | By Alex D. Amos

“Son of man, I have made you a watchman for the house of Israel; therefore hear a word from My mouth, and give them warning from Me” – Ezekiel 3:17

A watchman is not just an individual, a personality who is unskilled in harms way. No, he is militia by training. He knows his way around his equipment and communication gadgets.

The watchman role is critical to country people and military. He warns against evaders, including wild animals that wants to destroy the farms and sabotage the town’s food supply.

His training is that of a soldier so he is disciplined, persistent, consistent, temperate for mastery and continually alert. That means he cannot afford many luxury because of his duty. He understands his duty and knows that it is dangerous not to keep his watch.

He is a soldier, sentinelled to keep watch at the watchtower. Some of his necessary tools include a torchlight, a gun, a radio communicator and an alarm.

Watchmen/watchers are  important personels in the army. Moreover, they are important and strategic to the invasion and defence of any territory or military base, which is the strength of any territory. When he sounds his alarm, the fenced country can shut its gates and secure its people with its fortification.

Therefore, his major quality is not how he handles his weapons and equipments. As important as that is,  that is secondary to his experience in being alert and speed in discerning the next steps.

Alertness is his major quality. As a good soldier of Christ, how you pray is greater than if you pray. It is important that you pray but how you pray is more important. The book of Hebrews says “he who comes, MUST COME BELIEVING that He is a REWARDER of them who DILIGENTLY SEEK HIM.” While every prayer endeavour will receive an answer, the intercessors will receive a reward.

We must also understand that the greatest form of intercession is the one who comes to God  diligently seeking God. Therefore, God is the one who gives him his prayer points.

God answers prayer but what God wants to really do is reward prayers! Majority of us are seeking the former however.

Jesus prayed before his crucifixion and that he was heard was greater in the agenda of God than the fact that His prayer was answered (Henrews 5:8). This is because eventually,  having gone through the cross, there was a reward that far outweighs the pains and clutches of death that will be bestowed upon Him. He was highly exalted and given a name above every name – (Phil 2:9). This wasn’t the answer you would expect for a man who was praying to be delivered from death. Naturally, you would expect a way of escape, but a true soldier knows that in his duty, he may also die for his country.

Therefore, the watchman knows how vital his position is. He knows how to pick frequencies and discern movement and who is making them. He is also able to inform others, call for reinforcement and assuage the impending danger.

Therefore he is very prophetic in nature. This is why when a man begins to intercede the right way, he must break into the layer of the prophetic without a doubt.

Finally, the watchman’s role is not static. Because of his ability to hear a word from God, he understands that the Spirit is in motion and that means the instruction is per time. He must learn to keep watch day and night.

Isaiah 52:7 says: “I have set watchmen on your walls, O Jerusalem; they shall never hold their peace day or night. You who make mention of the Lord, do not keep silent, and give Him no rest till He establishes and till He makes Jerusalem a praise in the earth.”

– The Need For Watchmen | By Alex D. Amos

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