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#SelahMusic: Rita Meroh | Jesus Knows

Rita Meroh | Jesus Knows

– New Music By Rita Meroh tagged Jesus Knows

Highly rated Nigerian Christian Soul/Jazz Singer, Rita Meroh has released a brand new inspiring single “Jesus Know”.

The song talks about the mystery of life. It talks about the one who is in the best position to explain what life is all about, which is Jesus christ.

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Now available on all major platforms.

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Life is like a busy street
People go, come and then they go
What is it all about?
Some say, you’ll never know when
You’ll never know when you are reaching home
What could it be about?


I don’t know
But here’s one thing, Jesus knows.


I heard he raised a man from death
His dad made the universe
He does know, everything
Why life is such a mystery,
Why death is never ending,
He does know everything


And I don’t know
But here’s one thing
Jesus knows


Where the sun goes to rest at night,
Where the moon goes before his time to grace the night,
How the clouds don’t come crashing down,
How the trees know to bend to your wind, your wind of love.

( repeat chorus )


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Desalu Opeoluwa

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