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Christian Influencer Solomon Buchi Questions Process Birthing Actor Yul Edochie Sudden Pastoral Call

Yul Edochie Begins Online Church, Solomon Buchi

-Yul Edochie Begins Online Church “True Salvation Ministry” 

Popular actor Yul Edochie has sparked mixed reactions online as he begins “True Salvation Ministry” online service.

According to Yul Edochie, he revealed that the Lord has called him into full time ministry as he opted out from nollywood.

Reactions have then followed the pastoral act of controversial actor, Yul Edochie, who held his first online Church service on Sunday.

In the service, Yul narrated how he had received a calling from God into ministry and how others had told him of his potential for God’s work.

He also noted how he fully surrendered to the calling of God after being miraculously saved by God from a devastating car accident along Ore road.

Yul Edochie Begins Online Church

Despite all these, many have questioned the actor’s calling and his ministry, which has been under serious attack online, with some backing him as well.

Popular media personality, Solomon Buchi also questioned his calling by stating he doesn’t have a rooted background spiritually, and doesn’t have a place where he has served.

Buchi said; Yul Edochie is making a caricature of the Christian faith. From cheating on his wife, getting another woman pregnant and being caught, to claiming polygamy is normal and okay, and now to open a ‘ministry’ claiming God called him.

“No doubt, God can call anyone, but there’s a whole structure to the logistics of starting a ministry.

“Who is Yul Edochie’s spiritual father? What church does he even currently attend? Who discipled him? In the past months, he’s been involved in adultery and polygamy, which the Lord can forgive, but why is his ministry launch so close to a vulnerable season, for which he needs repentance and healing?

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“Yul has been through quite a lot in the past months, and he might need intensive mental care. This charade isn’t helping and all he needs is Jesus and reflective time to morph into a better man. It’s hard to tell if his ‘ministry’ is sarcastic or real, but whatever it is, it is still embarrassing to the Christian faith. Get your life and family together first, Yul.”

Also reacting was Daddy Freeze. He said via his Instagram page;

Yul Edochie is not less qualified than any Nigerian pastor to open a ministry as long as he preaches the truth.

“Your lying ass pastors with their fales monetized doctrines, conjured miracles, and testimonies are doing more harm to the gospel than Yul can ever do. Focus on all the failed prophecies GOs and the life imprisonment Bishops, leave Yul.”

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