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Astronomers Identifies Record-Breaking Quasar With A Black Hole At Its Heart


-Astronomers Discover Quasar That Swallows A Sun Per Day

Astronomers have discovered one of the brightest object, a quasar with a black hole at its heart, that swallows the equivalent of a sun a day.

Quasars are amazing objects in space that have fascinated scientists for a long time. They are very bright and far away, found in the outer reaches of the universe. Studying quasars has helped us learn more about the universe and has also made us think about the connection between science and Christianity.

According to report, the object, Quasar shines 500 trillion times brighter than the sun. It is also said to be 12 billion years away from the earth, but is more than 500 trillion times more luminous than the Sun.

“We have discovered the fastest-growing black hole known to date. It has a mass of 17 billion Suns, and eats just over a Sun per day. This makes it the most luminous object in the known Universe,” says Christian Wolf, an astronomer at the Australian National University (ANU).

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Christopher Onken, an astronomer at ANU, revealed that this object hides itself in plain sight prior to its discovery.
“It is a surprise that it has remained unknown until today, when we already know about a million less impressive quasars. It has literally been staring us in the face until now.”
He explained further that it had appeared through images from the ESO Schmidt Southern Sky Survey back in 1980, but was not identified Quasar until years later.

“Personally, I simply like the chase. For a few minutes a day, I get to feel like a child again, playing treasure hunt, and now I bring everything to the table that I have learned since,” Wolf said as he and other Astronomers discover Quasar.

From a Christian point of view, quasars and the huge universe can make us feel amazed and in awe of God’s creation. The universe is so big and complex, and it shows us how powerful and creative God is. Quasars remind us that we are part of something much bigger and make us think about our place in the universe and our relationship with God.

Also, studying quasars and the cosmos can help us understand how delicate and perfectly balanced the universe is. Scientists have found that even tiny changes in things like the way matter is arranged or the basic laws of physics would stop galaxies, stars, and life from existing. This shows that the universe has been designed with care and points to a Creator who made it all happen.

In conclusion, quasars remind us of the grand and intricate work of God, and they make us want to explore and understand the universe better. Looking at quasars and learning about the cosmos can help bring science and Christianity closer, so that we can appreciate the beauty of creation while seeking knowledge and truth.

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