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Congratulations Olabisi Esther! Songster Emerges Gospel Groove Talent Quest (GGTQ) Season 1 Winner!

Gospel Groove Talent Quest

It has indeed been a wonderful season in the first ever Gospel Groove Talent Quest (GGTQ) show, as Olabisi Esther became the first to bag the huge prize, defeating her fellow participant for the trophy.

The 2023 Gospel Groove Talent Quest which was hosted by EeZee Conceptz Global, was a unique event, as Labisi made history. Becoming the first winner among the final four talented female contestants Ibukun Adelagan, Asaph Idonuagbe, and Love Abolade.

Olabisi Esther captured the heart of many audience and judges with her soul uplifting voice and performance.

She clinched the top spot, earning her the grand prize of a 3-year recording deal worth a staggering 300 Million Naira, including a brand-new car, an apartment, and a cash prize of 10 million Naira.

Fellow contestant including Love, bagged the second prize, while third and fourth place went to Asaph Idonuagbe and Ibukun Adelagan.

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This Eezee Conceptz initiative, GGTQ (Season One) was a remarkable journey filled with soul-stirring and uplifting performances. The event brought together talents from all corners, showcasing their burning passion for the work of kingdom expansion for Christ and the pursuit of excellence.

Listen To Olabisi winning performance song titled “Olodumare”, presented by EeZee Global


SelahAfrik says a very big congratulation to Olabisi Esther!!!


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