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Nathaniel Bassey Set To Round Off October “Hallelujah Challenge” In Grand Style, Featuring Dunsin Oyekan & More

Nathaniel Bassey

Pastor Nathaniel Bassey is set to round off October Hallelujah Challenge in a grand style, featuring Dunsin Oyekan, Victoria Orenze and Ntokozo Nbambo.

Nathaniel Bassey Hallelujah Challenge has been a blessing and has had great impact since it licked off in the lives of Christians.

The challenge has been so successful that there was a hallelujah medley, a collection of popular songs sung during the live sessions.

The challenge has seen Over 68,000 people from around the world joined.
You would recall last year, Nathaniel posted a picture with the word ‘Jesus’ written in red on a white background, and it trended everywhere on social media.

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Many people changed their displayed pictures and posted them on their statuses. It was a religious movement unlike we have ever seen before. While many others criticized it, saying that posting a picture of ‘Jesus’ doesn’t actually do anything, but the movement soared above their criticism.

Bassey said, “The attacks and criticisms were expected. I was humbled when the attacks began. I read one of the attacks whereby I was placed side by side with my General Overseer, Pastor Adeboye, Chris Oyahkilome, Reinhard Bonnke and when they mentioned my name, I felt like one of the disciples in the bible who was so privileged to be flock for Christ. I was joyous. When you look at it, you realise that it is the story of life. Nothing of great repute happens without criticism and there is no innovator that has not been criticized. 

“We celebrate Microsoft and Apple for their innovations but they faced criticism. Thomas Edison failed over 900 times when inventing the light bulb and he was called a failure and all manner of names but today, we celebrate his invention. I have read a lot of biography and there is absolutely no great man in history that has not been criticised. Let’s talk about the scripture, Abraham left everything and followed God and people thought he was crazy.

“Jesus, our Lord and saviour was criticised a lot and no one on earth has been criticised as much as Jesus Christ. What it does is that it puts us in good company. I am sure when Martin Luther King said he had a dream, people thought he was crazy. Criticism comes with our faith. I think with the way God works, all the criticism only helped the project grow because it made people curious. What the devil meant for evil worked to our favour. The criticism has actually done a great awareness for what we are doing.”

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