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Flight Attendant Shares Experience With Justin Bieber As He Preaches Gospel To Her

Justin Bieber Shares The Gospel

-Justin Bieber Shares The Gospel With A Colombia Flight Attendant

Popular music star Justin Bieber shared the gospel with a Colombian flight attendant, Victoria Mandylor which led her to saving faith in Jesus Christ.

According to reports, the Colombian flight attendant, had a painful past that led her deep into a world of spiritual darkness. But after she met with Justin Bieber, she said he planted a seed that ultimately led her to give her life to Christ.

Victoria Mandylor revealed that her conversation of her childhood days, was what led to Bieber reaching out to her about Christ.

She said that her faith in God wavered when her uncle started sexually abusing her when she was 12 years old.

He groomed me from the time I arrived in the United States until I was 17 and then he raped me,” she explained. “It went on for many years and he [mentioned] God to do what he was doing because he knew that I believed in God.”

Despite Mandylor ultimately pressing charges against her uncle, who is now in jail,she noted that she no longer had faith and believed in God anymore. It gave room for the devil to creep into her life, which led her into demonic practices, she noted.

“I got really, really into this stuff but at the same time I was having this horrible sleep paralysis where I was falling asleep and either coming out of my body or I was seeing entities coming into the room trying to take me and I couldn’t move,” she said. “I couldn’t talk. I would try screaming and no voice would come out of me. All my limbs were completely frozen and I just couldn’t do anything.”

“But at the time I was already curious about Jesus and I had a Bible,” she added. “When this entity that looked like an alien…was coming to get me I just closed my eyes…and I said, ‘Jesus. In the name of Jesus, please get rid of the entity. Take it away from me, please’…And it just disappeared.”

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She said her faith in God was restored back after she met with Justin Bieber in a private, while on duty.

He gets on board and the first thing that he says to me is… ‘Do you believe in Jesus Christ?’ I just looked at him and I said ‘Excuse me?’ and he said, ‘Do you believe in Jesus Christ? Do you believe He is the Son of God that was crucified and died for your sins? And do you know that you are forgiven?’ And I was like, ‘I am very spiritual and I do a lot of meditating and stuff and maybe He existed’,” she recalled. “I was very arrogant,” she continued.

Victoria, who was having a conversation with the music star said he asked her if she listens to Christian songs and she said no, then she went on the internet to search for songs on Youtube when she came across “From Yoga to Christianity” which included the testimony of an ex-new Yoga instructor who also struggled with sleep paralysis.

Her life changed after she had an encounter with her ex-gay Christian friend, who invited her to attend Reality Church. She shared that she had felt the Holy Spirit in the middle of the church service and gave her life to Christ.

I just fell to my knees and I began sobbing,” Mandylor explained. “It’s like my life was flashing in front of me and I’m feeling this horrible guilt and then all of a sudden as I cry it’s like guilt is being taken away from me and then I feel love. It’s this supernatural love.”

“It’s this overwhelming peace and I am sobbing and I can’t get up….and I felt the Holy Spirit,” she continued. “It was a supernatural experience,” she said.

According to Victoria, she said it was through Bieber her change started. she said; “I had never heard anyone just put it so simple,” she recalls.

Less than a year later, Mandylor met Bieber again on another flight, and she told him of her new experience, and he prayed for her.

It was also recorded that Justin Bieber shares the gospel by using his platform and his influence to share openly about the saving grace of Jesus Christ.

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