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Hilda Baci’s Mum Testifies On Jerry Eze’s NSPPD Platform As Daughter Attempt To Break Guinness World Record Enters Final Lap

Hilda Baci Mother Testifies On Jerry Eze's NSPPD Platform, Guinness Book of World Record

Nigerian Chef Hilda Baci has crossed the 96 hours mark set for her to break the Guinness Book of World Record set by Lata Tondon who cooked for 87 hours and 45 minutes non-stop. She is now headed towards the 100 hours mark.

Hilda Baci’s mother, in a video shared on Twitter has testified and praised God on behalf of her daughter while she also recounts the challenges and ordeals the family has had to pass through.

Using the clip to share her testimony to Pastor Jerry Eze’s NSPPD 7am Fire Prayer platform. She thanked the man of God while sharing how her landlord advised her to go look for a smaller apartment because of the challenge of paying rent.

“It has happened… NSPPD members, it has happened,” she said. “Pastor declared it shall be large. It shall be big. It shall end in praise. He said the kings have agreed for you to be the king and the spotlight is on you.

“You know the spotlight is on me? You know the governor of Lagos state spoke with me one on one? You know the Vice President called? You know I am speaking with kings, and not with mean men, because my hope and trust has been in the Lord.

“Who was I before [sic]? A nobody. It’s me o… I remember where I was one time and the landlord came to collect rent. I have even paid the one i had. And he called me [sic] madam let me advice you. I said okay sir. He said go to Lukpe. Those in Abuja know where Lukpe is. Rent one room, carry your children and go and stay there. It means I was just able to pay one room in Lukpe. This is the [same] woman now talking to Vice Presidents and Governors…”

Guinness World Records have acknowledge Hilda Baci’s feat. The outfit said it was monitoring the feat and will review so as to award her the record afetr due review.

“We’re aware of this amazing record attempt [by Hilda Baci], we need to review all the evidence first before officially confirming a record,” a tweet by the outfit read.

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