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2,500 Year Old Inscription Of Persia’s King Darius Found In Israel

King Darius Inscription

King Darius Inscription Found In Israel In Tel Lachish National Park

An inscription bearing the name of Persian King Darius, the father of King Ahasuerus was discovered in Tel Lachish National Park, the first discovery of an inscription bearing the king’s name anywhere in Israel.

Darius who lived over 500 years was a king who played a key role in helping the children of Israel rebuild the temple in Jerusalem.

The pottery shared was discovered in Israel’s Tel Lachish National Park with an Aramaic inscription reading, “Year 24 of Darius.” It dates to 498 B.C.

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The inscription bearing the kings name was found by two hikers, Eylon Levy, the international advisor to Israel President Isaac Herzog, and Levy’s friend Yakov Ashkenazi.

When I picked up the ostracon and saw the inscription, my hands shook,” Levy said. “I looked left and right for the cameras, because I was sure someone was playing an elaborate prank on me.”

According to Israel Antiquities Authority, the researchers were not sure if it was truly authentic. But after carrying out several test, it showed it was correct. The authority also revealed that the research would be published in a journal.

This is the first discovery of an inscription bearing Darius the Great’s name anywhere in the Land of Israel,” the authority said.

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