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35 Black Churches To Receive $4Million From National Trust For Preservation And Renovation Work

Black Churches To Receive $4Million For Preservation

Black Churches To Receive $4Million For Preservation And Renovation 

Over 30 Black churches are set to receive a $4million infusion of funding to help with renovations and preservation of their buildings across the country.

The National Trust for Historic Preservation and African American Cultural Heritage Action Fund are set to give out $4million to black churches as its part of preserving black churches.

The fund’s executive director and the trust’s senior vice president, Brent Leggs, via an email said;

“We focus not only on the preservation of the physical buildings but also on the profound stories embodied in their walls, landscapes, cemeteries, and beyond.”

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Their role as centers of Black religion, culture, and service is fundamental to understanding the lived experience of Black Americans.”

According to the Religious News Service, “the grants, from $50,000 to $200,000, based on the scope and scale of the projects, will aid churches from Alaska to Alabama that are often some of the oldest buildings in their communities and could benefit from money to help with long-term maintenance, immediate repairs or future public presentations.”

Our grants will help advance efforts to improve physical conditions so that these churches can open their doors and continue to fulfill their religious missions and community programs,” Leggs said.

The first round of the preserving black churches grant program enables grantees not only to address real and urgent preservation threats such as deferred maintenance and demolition, but also strengthens their ability to steward, interpret, and fund these invaluable places and the people they serve,” the announcement for the grants said.

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