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“God Will Deliver Nigeria From Hands Of Evil Ones” – CAN President Sends Independence Day Message To Nigerians

Daniel Okoh

Read CAN President Archbishop Daniel Okoh Independence Day Message To Nigerians

As Nigeria celebrated her 62 independence anniversary, the President of the Christian Association of Nigeria, Archbishop Daniel Okoh has urged citizens of Nigeria to remain calm and not lose hope in the country, insist that God will deliver Nigeria from the wicked.

The clergyman who delivered his message to the citizens on behalf of CAN congratulated Nigerians on the occasion, and urged Nigerians to maintain the expectations that Nigeria would become a great nation that would be the pride of Africa.

The archbishop called on Nigerians to pray fervently for the success of the 2023 elections and pleaded with the government to find a situation concerning the ongoing ASUU strike for the sake of the young generation whose future is at stake.

Though we are still struggling and grappling with so many issues of collective concern, such as insecurity, kidnapping, unnecessary killing and decapitation of innocent citizens, diminishing value of human life, social injustice, desecration of worship places, violent threat to the seat of political power, cheating, blatant stealing of our oil, flagrant degradation of our human environment, denial, betrayal, rejection and outright exclusion in many areas of our existence as a nation, all of which has put many in distress and has made many citizens angry, we must not lose hope!”

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Let us continue to rely on the faithfulness of God as we continue to do the best we can to ensure justice and peace reign in our country.

“I urge you to take the unpleasant experiences that have plagued our nation in the past as necessary lessons of life that will make us a stronger, better, and resilient nation on earth.

I counsel you to look out for politicians who are genuine and who are sincere to provide the basics that will be the catalyst for economic growth and development.

I pray to our Lord to rescue Nigeria from the hands of wicked people, grant us peace, and help us continue to love one another irrespective of our religious and ethnic diversities.”

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