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SelahView: “Halleluyah Always” – 10 Evergreen Masterpieces On MIke Abdul’s Canvas-Like Heart

Halleluyah Always by Mike Abdul Review

– Review: Halleluyah Always By Mike Abdul – 10 Evergreen Masterpieces On A Canvas-Like Heart

Since the release of his first solo album, it became apparent that trailblazing Gospel music minister Mike Abdul has been on a quest to redefine not just sound but the outlook of Gospel music.

While this may have been a daunting task at inception, thanks to his defiance, today, there is a genre of Gospel music called AfroGospel and the story cannot be told without the immense contributions of the iconic Mike Abdul.

It hasn’t been an easy journey for the legendary pacesetter but the secret that birthed the quest remains Abdul’s strongest weapon – Consistency.

He makes yet another outing with his 4th solo album, and the stories remain that of excellence, brilliance, inspiration, impartation and heralding the Gospel of Jesus Christ. It’s been a streak of wins since he was “Good To Go” and it does not look like this herald is slowing down anytime soon. Little wonder he aptly titles the new album “Halleluyah Always.”

The introductory track on “Halleluyah Always” by Mike Abdul – “You are Yahweh” – is a coming-of-age song because it shows Mike Abdul’s process and current state of mind. It is quite an original Mike Abdul sound but it is the lyrics that explicitly shows his state of mind.

Many people know God as Father. Some take it further to accept His Lordship but when a man yields to his Kingship, such a person has come of age in his relationship with God. He has realized that he has this intimate relationship with his father, who is also his master, but more than just a master, he is his King and he is subject to his rule. Such a man, although, has the freedom of intimacy with God, chooses to yield and do the bidding of the King, no question asked. The track “You are Yahweh” featuring Sola Allyson is an expression of the above premise.

The title track “Halleluyah Always,” is one of the highlights on the album. This is a very strategic track and who else will be the right collaborator on such a track other than the queen of highlights – Ada Ehi. Furthermore, we opine that it is a TikTok campaign classic due to the rephrase. There is a section of the song where the progression switches and ushers in the song rephrase. Ada had just one job to do at that part and she did it well! She added flavour to the song and spiced it up good! Your Spaghetti is served!

One can say a collaboration with Testimony Jaga was almost expected. The surprising thing would have been if there was none on the album. Mike Abdul has featured in Testimony Jaga’s street concert and on various stages as well. The chemistry between the artistes is made in heaven. Add that to the fact that their styles are in similitude. “Amayo” is the culmination of this match made in heaven and of course, what is the 3 musketeers without the 3rd person – Bidemi Olaoba? The use of street slangs, colloquialism, and urban-afro styles are familiar territories for the trio.

Mike Abdul is multi-dimensional when it comes to his styles. There used to be a subtle propaganda to box him into the Gospel sub-genre of Fuji music but SelahAfrik had kicked against the notion as far back as 2013 (READ: ALBUM REVIEW: ‘GOOD 2 GO’ – HOW MUCH “FUJINESS” CAN WE FIND IN MIKE ABDUL?). Time however proved our analysis to be correct with songs such as “God Alone,” “Do Good,” “Emi Mimo,” amongst others. “Serving a Mighty God,” featuring Tayo Conga and lead singer of Midnight Crew’s Pat Uwaje King, “I won’t Let You Go” featuring Onos and “Perfect in your Ways” featuring MoniQue, “Jubilee” featuring Sammie Okposo are all varying expressions of Mike Abdul’s dynamic artistry. One constant factor remains either Mike Abdul is expressing himself with Fuji, AfroGospel, High Life or Contemporary Gospel styles, the anointing is undiluted, the impact is not diminished.

Another thing noticeable with the above mentioned tracks is the measure of work put into the instrumentation. While Mike Abdul’s sound has always been excellent, is it safe to say there is growth? This may be due to improved technology and technical-know-how on the part of the producer, audio engineer and instrumentalists. It can also be because of the coming of age for Mike Abdul. After about 4 albums, it is only right that the sound is more deliberate, specific and of course advance.

Nevertheless, if you are looking for the point of equilibrium in Mike Abdul’s music, the advice remains as it used to be – forget it! He is an exceptional artist and whatever he chooses to paint on his canvas comes out a masterpiece!

Still in the spirit of diversification and versatility, “Polongo” featuring Adam Songbird is not the first time Mike Abdul who is known mainly for Fuji, Contemporary styles and Urban Afro styles, will be trying his hands on High Life. On the 2016 album “Korede” the track “Do Good” is a shining example. This time however, he laced the instrumentation with AfroGospel style as peculiar to Mike Abdul. It is no surprise however that he brings Adam along on the track; he is the usual accomplice when Mike Abdul is trying to do damage to the kingdom of darkness on the streets!

Veteran Gospel Act Mike Abdul Releases "Halleluyah Always" Album

There is a probability that the Hip-Jump melodic style is actually a blend of Fuji and Hip Hop, more than it is a blend of Afrobeat and Hip Hop. Reason being that Afrobeat in itself has already evolved to include Urban styles such as Hip Hop. Therefore, the inclusion of Yoruba chants, which often sounds like Rap, thereby misleading listeners to think it Is Hip Hop, actually has more probable tendencies towards Fuji than Rap. Given the above premises, “Merry Wedding” featuring artiste and producer Puffy Tee showcases Mike Abdul’s original genre, in the similitude of “Eyan Jesu,” “Kneel Down,” “Church Street,” amongst others. It is commendable that Mike Abdul did not follow the norm for his wedding song but gave couples a song that totally subvert the perverted alternatives in the mainstream which couples – including Christians – now subscribe to, for their dance during their ceremonies.

“Adura” featuring Tim Godfrey is a run-on on the above but it is arguably more Apala than it is Fuji. The very versatile Tim Godfrey knew his role and played his part excellently!

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