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Delivered By The Love Of God! Ex-Porn Star Brittni De La Mora & Her Husband Are Showing The Way To Purity

God Transformed My Life And Set Me Free From Sin - De La Mora

Ex-porn star Brittni De La Mora revealed how God set her free from pornography and how He has radically transformed her life.

The ex-porn star is now on a mission to help others find spiritual healing as she delivered a transformational message about “identity.”

Brittni De La Mora and her husband Richard De La Mora founded the Love Always Ministries. which helps people to walk in freedom by discovering God’s love & leading through purity.

Her story of surviving the adult entertainment industry, finding Jesus, and working to help others evade the grips of addiction.

De La Mora, recently released a video with her husband Richard De La Mora titled “How to stop watching porn” which reveals her past struggles. She also has a new book out with her husband titled “A Call to Purity.”

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“I was in the adult film industry for seven years of my life. I felt like, ‘This is everything that I’ve been looking for in life. This is where I’m going to find love, and affirmation, and attention,’” she said. “But I didn’t find that there. I actually had to start using drugs very early on in the porn industry just to get through the scenes.”

The lady revealed she has always wanted to leave the industry, but pride kept her there. She was also invited to church, where she began to learn about God and accepting Jesus as her savior.

Despite her encounter, she still struggled to pursue God, as she found herself still in the act, but still didn’t lose interest in studying the Bible.

“I started just to devour the Bible,” De La Mora said. “God was right there with me in the middle of the sin.”

She realized sin has shattered her life and her actions were also causing harm to others, but she revealed the Holy Spirit kept leading her and recognizing that God had a better plan for her life.

God has radically transformed my life,” she added.

“A Call to Purity” is available on LoveAlwaysMinistries.com (US only) or Amazon for international orders.

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